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Free ↠ New Mexico By Joseph P. Sánchez –

New Mexico Since The Earliest Days Of Spanish Exploration And Settlement, New Mexico Has Been Known For Lying Off The Beaten Track But This New History Reminds Readers That The World Has Been Beating Paths To New Mexico For Hundreds Of Years, Via The Camino Real, The Santa Fe Trail, Several Railroads, Route 66, The Interstate Highway System, And Now The Internet This First Complete History Of New Mexico In Than Thirty Years Begins With The Prehistoric Cultures Of The Earliest Inhabitants The Authors Then Trace The State S Growth From The Arrival Of Spanish Explorers And Colonizers In The Sixteenth Century To The Centennial Of Statehood In 2012 Most Historians Have Made The Territory S Admission To The Union In 1912 As The Starting Point For The State S Modernization As This Book Shows, However, The Transformation From Frontier Province To Modern State Began With World War II The Technological Advancements Of The Atomic Era, Spawned During Wartime, Propelled New Mexico To The Forefront Of Scientific Research And Pointed It Toward The Twenty First Century The Authors Discuss The State S Historical And Cultural Geography, The Economics Of Mining And Ranching, Irrigation S Crucial Role In Agriculture, And The Impact Of Native Political Activism And Tribe Owned Gambling Casinos New Mexico A History Will Be A Vital Source For Anyone Seeking To Understand The Complex Interactions Of The Indigenous Inhabitants, Spanish Settlers, Immigrants, And Their Descendants Who Have Created New Mexico And Who Shape Its Future.

Free ↠ New Mexico  By Joseph P. Sánchez –
  • Hardcover
  • 384 pages
  • New Mexico
  • Joseph P. Sánchez
  • English
  • 04 May 2018
  • 9780806142562

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    The content of this book was fine I felt like the author really started letting his own political views shine through in the last third of the book, which should not happen in a good history book He also switched so rapidly between every topic that it made for very dry reading If I hadn t been reading it for my daughter s history curriculum, I would have let it sit on a shelf to collect dust way before fin...

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    REad this for a New Mexico history class It s a nice book on New Mexico.

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    This isexactly what it says it is, a history of New Mexico Published to celebrate the state s 100th anniversary of being part of the union, it begins with the first known human habitation of the area and proceeds to the present day In broad strokes Pueblos and other tribes settle, the Spanish arrive to preach and mine, Mexico revolts, Texas invades, cattlemen and sheep ranchers fight, rail lines bring farms and tourism, World War 2 brings a lot of military investment, Indians organize for civil rights, and the cities pursue their own individual identities Santa Fe as the ancient and mysterious capital, Albuquerque as the progressive center of business, Las Cruces as a haven fo...

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    On passing El Morro Inscription Rock , he Governor Onate paused long enough to leave a message for posterity The inscription reads Paso por aqui del Adelantado don Juan de Onate del descubrimiento de la mar del sur a 16 dia del Abril ano 1605 The Adelantado don Juan de Onate passed by here from the discovery of the South Sea, on the 16th day of April 1605 In New Mexico literature, the words paso por aqui came to represent the metaphorical idea that humanity since the begi...

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