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EPUB ✴ Love on the Rocks Author Marcus McNally –

Love on the RocksMichael Stewart Is A Single, 32 Year Old Entertainment Lawyer, A Winner At Just About Everything Except Love Finding Mr Right Is The Last Thing On His Mind During His Holiday In The Sun, But He Opens His Door One Day To Find The Man He Immediately And Desperately Hopes He Will Spend The Rest Of His Life With The Curve Balls And Challenges They Re Thrown Along The Way Sorely Test Them As They Strive To Ensure That True Love Conquers All Like Batman And Robin, There S A Bit Of Biff , Plenty Of Bonk , And The Odd Kapow , As Mike And Ty Try Desperately To Avoid Love On The Rocks

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    I don t read alot of online fiction any mainly because I m spoiled with my Kindle and don t like reading on a computer phone screen That being said I did enjoy this rather long story of a rock star and his lover With this being a free fiction it was able to do what alot of highly edited published books aren t able to It was able to ramble and spend time with the characters for fun There were chapters in this story that didn t push the plot along but instead gave me insight or just time to enjoy the characters I enjoyed this a great deal Although a nice tight story line is good I enjoyed the fact that through the long forty chapter story I got to see Ty and Mike just be a couple handling everyday stuff and what life through at them This wasn t a typical rock and roll music book It didn t focus on Ty being in the closet and having it cause major pro...

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    Loved it could nt stop sleepless nights Great story Australia, the music on. and behind the stage the living in public and private..and then book 2 the update Five Years On..on tour in the US in jail in Montana because well you have to read it my rating 5 stars again...

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