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[Download] ✤ The Bathroom By RoxAnne Fox –

The Bathroom Zoe S Mind Is Rampant With Lustful Thoughts Of A New Employee At Her Favorite Eatery But, Will A Night Out To A New Club Bring A Whole New Love Interest Into Zoe S Life Download The Bathroom To Find Out

    10 thoughts on “[Download] ✤ The Bathroom By RoxAnne Fox –

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    The Bathroom by RoxAnne Fox1 starOh my God I can t stop laughing That ending view spoiler They confess their love for each other after talking for the first time and then getting it on in the bathroom of a public gas station hide spoiler I can t breathe.

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    Title The BathroomAuthor RoxAnne FoxSeries NoPublished April 1st 2013Pages 15POV third personGenres Contemporary RomanceRating 2 Stars Sort Story BookFreebie KoboIt was ok, just the love thing in the end was kind of weird Put that out and is much better Title The BathroomAuthor RoxAnne FoxSeries NoPublished April 1st 2013Pages ...

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    umm where to even startit was over before it even began This book left little to the imagination and went from meeting to sex to love you s to over Definitely neededof a plot story to it than what was here At least it was a freebie I wouldn t really waste your 10 15 minutes reading it though.

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    I have to say that I love this story Watching and fantasizing about someone from far, hoping that you will be part of them It shows that one night can change your life forever That everything happens for a reason and that even in the most unlikely situations, good things can happen.

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    Free ebook, really short story but was a great read

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    This one had it s moments, it made me laugh throughout it and it was a quick read which I was looking for I do think it was much to quick for I love you s at the end, but it was good none the less.

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    Cutebut ridiculously short.

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    Gas station bathroom Ewww

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    It started out as a cute little story, but took a wrong turn right into a gas station bathroom I don t know what I expected from a book called The Bathroom Ugh.

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    Short,Sweet n Fun A little bit sex thrown there

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