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[Download] ✤ To See the Sky Author L.M. Brown –

To See the Sky Can A Lab Rat Whore Find Love With The Servant Of His Master, Or Will Their Different Backgrounds And Prejudices Keep Them Apart In The Distant Future, Where The Devastation Caused By War Has Driven The Human Race Below The Surface Of The Earth, Society Is Split In Half The Rich Scientists Live In Towers Where They Can Monitor The Surface And Determine When The Poisonous Gasses Have Cleared And The World Is Safe For Humans Once Meanwhile, The Majority Of The Human Race Lives In Crowded Labyrinthine Caves, Where Life Is Harsh And Short Uneducated And With No Real Prospects For The Future, A Lab Rat Is Lucky To Live To See Thirty Years Of Age Employment Options Are Minimal And Few Can Escape The Fate Of Choking To Death On The Dust Of The Caves When AJ, One Of The Poorest Members Of Society, Needs Credits For Medicine For His Sister He Is In A Desperate Situation With No Other Options Available He Risks Alienation From His Family By Selling Himself To The Highest Bidder Love Is The Last Thing On His Mind, But While Blake, His New Owner, Might Not Be Mr Right, Ryder, His Servant, Just Might Be Unfortunately, Their Different Backgrounds, Prejudices, And AJ S Brutal Owner Seem Destined To Keep Them Apart, But True Love Can Be Theirs For The Taking If They Can Only Find A Way.

[Download] ✤ To See the Sky  Author L.M. Brown –
  • ebook
  • 99 pages
  • To See the Sky
  • L.M. Brown
  • English
  • 11 November 2017
  • 9781781843109

    10 thoughts on “[Download] ✤ To See the Sky Author L.M. Brown –

  1. says:

    Sexual servitude in a post apocalyptic future.So much promise Alas, clumsy execution led to a less than satisfactory experience All that angst and grit waiting to be exploited set against the glittering backdrop of the privileged few I had a reimagined 18th century France all cued up.No go.The story had major impediments The characters weren t deeply developed and were prone to hasty 180 degree attitude shifts I m still recovering from the whiplash caused by Ryder s turnabout I also had issues with the behavior and psychology of the labyrinth denizens and AJ s family s reaction to his temporary work contract just gonna sayI didn t buy it in the least Desperation of that level would not maintain the bourgeois values they represented I d understand one level down or newly elevated persons in the social ...

  2. says:

    I was intrigued by the premise of this story the instant I read the description I am a huge fan of science fiction and the concept of humans living in tunnels, uneducated and poor as lab rats while scientists study the devastation of the Earth s environment by poisonous gases, fascinated me This was a new author, to me, and I was very impressed by the world created.AJ isn t just a lab rat, he s the lowest of the social strata, struggling to care for his siblings in a world where the average lifespan is twenty five in the labyrinth Being illiterate means he cannot escape the tunnels he was born in and attempt to make a better life for himself and his family through legitimate means AJ cracked my heart, just a little, because he is smart and he fought so hard to do what needed to be done, all while struggling against societal expectations and the limitations forced upon him simply by being born a lab rat.Ryder was a difficult character to get a handle on in the beginning He is a very wealthy scientist s assistant but there is no explanation of how he got that position although my assumption is that he was born below but in a high enough level that he was capable of learning to read and make a better life In the beginning I was irritated with Ryder because even when he escorts AJ down to give his sister the medicine and sees the horrible conditions they live in, his prejudices keep him...

  3. says:

    2.5 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewshttp I have mixed feelings about this book Some parts I liked and some I didn t.The world this story lives in is Earth somewhere in the future and after one very destructive war people are forced to live underground in tunnels due to the poisonous air above ground Supposedly there are many such compounds around the world but there is no communication whatsoever between them In the compound we are reading of there are many levels of rich and status AJ is one step from the lowest and his life along with that of his sister and brother are hardly managed Now his sister has less than a week to live due to the dust levels underground and the choices are quickly dwindling As a last resort AJ decides to sell himself and a very peculiar contract has him as a personal slave for Blake for one week.Now here is where I start resenting some things A whore in this world is so much frowned upon, that taking that route can cause alienation from even the lowest parts of society and the ruining of your entire family That for me makes no sense, since through the centuries people s desperation has driven them to do whatever it takes to survive The survival instinct is simply too strong to ignore So when AJ s family, and especially his sister that a few moments earlier was dying, turn him away in disgust, it was than surreal to me.Moving on the way the servants in the house AJ was to live for a week treated ...

  4. says:

    4.75 starsOriginally reviewed for Joyfully JayYears after the Last War destroyed Earth s surface and survivors were forced underground to avoid the poisonous atmosphere, lab rat AJ4982, better known as AJ, was desperate to earn the five hundred credits it would take to buy medicine for his dying sister That s how he found himself in this predicament Unable to find work that would pay enough to purchase the medicine, AJ wears a collar that shows he is willing to sell himself for money while working as a waiter at a private party.When a partygoer finds out that AJ has never been penetrated, he offers to help AJ raise money by holding an auction to show AJ the amount of interest a virgin holds The auction ends with an offer of twenty thousand credits for a week at a scientist s beck and call Saving his sister was the only thought in his mind and it costs him everything When his sister and brother find out what he agreed to in order to buy her medicine, they turn their backs on him.The last thing AJ expects to find in Blake s the scientist household is a friend, let alone love But when Ryder, Blake s manservant, takes an interest in AJ and shows him kindness for no reason, AJ begins to fall for Ryder and put his trust in the man But AJ still belongs to Blake who is sadistic, brutal, and possessive As his week as Blake s possession comes to a close and dangerous secrets are revealed, AJ and Ryder are forced to choose between continuing their...

  5. says:

    This book follows AJ and Ryder AJ decided to sell sex to save his sister and ended up with a sadistic guy Ryder is the boss s servant The book makes AJ out to be very poor and with no options Things are very black and white in this world AJ is presented as a martyr, selling himself to save his sister His family even the dying sister rejects him because of his prostitution, people are blatantly cruel to him, and the boss is a very one dimensional villain It gives the whole book a sort of YA feel, oversimplified and...

  6. says:

    Too shortThis futuristic novel ended far too simply for my tastes The two men who were the main focus seemed fairly intelligent and I was excited to learn how they coped with such a huge change in circumstances but the book just ended The plot was good, though.

  7. says:

    I loved this book so much At one point I started crying because of what A.J goes through It got frustrating but I got through it and by the end I never wanted it to end It delivers angst and sweetness Very highly recommend this one.

  8. says:

    2.5 stars It had its moments I liked the idea of the world, I just didn t find all the character s reactions believable especially AJ s family Some how the epilogue was my favourite part.

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