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!!> BOOKS ✯ Fiorens Inferno ⚡ Author Marcus Lawson –

Fiorens Inferno Today, I Ask You People Of The Continent No I Command It As Your Fioren Do Not Be Afraid Lean On Adonai Lean On El Shaddai And Feel The Strength That Only They Can Give You And Thus Begins The Final Battle For The Heart And Soul Of The Continent Finally The Yoke Of Erogant Has Been Thrown Off, And The Real Enemy Has Revealed Himself Tempter Is The Greatest Of All Enemies In All The Worlds, And Malachi Finds Himself In A Last Ditch Effort To Rally The Remaining Peoples Of The Continent The Dwarves Test Him, The Dragons Test Him, The People Of Severni Test Him, And Still He Stands Strong In The Faith Of Adonai Will That Faith Be Enough For The Final Test The Inevitable Fight Against Tempter Will His Friends Both Old And New Survive This Final Battle Will El Shaddai Save The Day Join Malachi In The Final, Epic Conclusion To Marcus Lawson S The Secrets Of The Continent Trilogy, Fioren S Inferno.

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