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[PDF] ↠ Sweet Thing (Sweet Thing, #1) Author Renee Carlino –

Sweet Thing (Sweet Thing, #1)You Have To Teach Your Heart And Mind How To Sing Together Then You Ll Hear The Sound Of Your Soul Mia Kelly Thinks She Has It All Figured Out She S An Ivy League Graduate, A Classically Trained Pianist, And The Beloved Daughter Of A Sensible Mother And Offbeat Father Yet Mia Has Been Stalling Since Graduation, Torn Between Putting Her Business Degree To Use And Exploring Music, Her True Love.When Her Father Unexpectedly Dies, She Decides To Pick Up The Threads Of His Life While She Figures Out Her Own Uprooting Herself From Ann Arbor To New York City, Mia Takes Over Her Father S Caf , A Treasured Neighborhood Institution That Plays Host To Undiscovered Musicians And Artists She S Denied Herself The Thrilling And Unpredictable Life Of A Musician, But A Chance Encounter With Will, A Sweet, Gorgeous, And Charming Guitarist, Offers Her A Glimpse Of What Could Be When Will Becomes Her Friend And Then Her Roommate, She Does Everything In Her Power To Suppress Her Passions For Him, For Music But Her Father S Legacy Slowly Opens Her Heart To The Possibility Of Something.

[PDF] ↠ Sweet Thing (Sweet Thing, #1) Author Renee Carlino –
  • Paperback
  • 322 pages
  • Sweet Thing (Sweet Thing, #1)
  • Renee Carlino
  • English
  • 08 September 2018
  • 9780989138604

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    Good looking guy CheckCute girl CheckKelly and Ryan good Irish surnames CheckLovable Dog CheckNew York City CheckReferences to Music CheckNo Bondage CheckNo Millionaires Billionaires Trillionaires CHECK, CHECK, TRIPLE CHECK What a lovely find this was Had been going through a bit of a slump in the book department there for a while and this one caught my eye on Goodreads I must say we readers are very lucky with all the new talented authors emerging at the moment This is a debut novel by this author but you would not think it The Prologue piqued my interest straight away and the whole book flowed along very nicely for me and the Epilogue was good too.I absolutely loved all the musical references throughout the book I am a big music fan and all these songs were great WILL RYAN MIA KELLYFRIENDSHIP You have to teach your heart and mind how to sing together the you ll hear the sound of your soul Awwwwww You ve ruined me Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the house of separation I know some reviewers were not too happy with Mia and her wishy washy couldn t make up her mind But, let s remember, she had just lost her Pops, had moved to a new city, was trying to run a business, was confused about what career path to...

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    I know I am six years late to this particular party, but my reading advisor, Robin Hill, recently supplied me with a fantastic list of books she loved and figured I would as well This gem was on that list, and once again, her instincts were spot on.With blinders fully in place, I opened to the prologue and it wasn t long before I was in angst ...

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    I have a new book boyfriend and his name is Will Ryan I m in love Oh, and did I mention he was a bit of a rockstar Sweet Thing was a sweet, heartbreaking and romantic story that kept me up reading all night 4.5 stars.This was one of those books that shifted my entire TBR I had other plans but suddenly I felt compelled to read it.I ll admit though I was hesitant to start it at first because I d heard about some people being frustrated with the heroine, but then I realized that a lot of my favorite books Thoughtless and Beautiful Disaster for example had frustrating heroines at times too and I still loved them so I didn t want that to hold me back from giving this a shot sometimes we figure things out and then life changes and we have to figure it all out again Hit hard by the death of her father, Mia decides to move to NYC for a while to sort through his things and take over the cafe he ran On her way, a chance meeting in an airport crosses her paths with a gorgeous musician, Will Something about them just clicks and they spend the entire flight talking about their shared love of music.Turns out she has an apartment for rent and he s looking for a new place to stay and shortly afterwards they become roommates Mia insists on keeping things strictly platonic bet...

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    LOVED THIS STORY WILL I loved this book. every single angsty heart clenching moment and this book was full of them. Mia has recently moved to New York City from her home in Michigan Her dad recently died and she s come to take over his cafe and live in his apartment until she figures out what exactly she wants to do in her life She s young and recently through with college This story is told from her POV On the flight to NYC she meets Will. he s seated next to her and freaking out about flying Initially she tries to ignore him but that doesn t last long It s hard to ignore Will He s sexy as hell and a charmer He s totally different from what she s normally attracted to He s got some tattoos and is a little scruffy around the edges. he s also a musician and plays the guitar. They laugh and cut up on the plane and she feels like she s made a friend I won t go into all the details of how it happens but he ends up renting out one of the rooms in her apartment with her STRICT rule that they will only be friends The attraction was immediate once he was in the the apartment but she was determined that Will was not they type of guy she wanted and she wasnt going to make things complicated by hooking up with him since he lived with her Will sigh he was so f ...

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    4.5 Stars Sweet Thing was a really sweet read It was a beautiful and touching story of two people, Mia and Will, who meet coincidentally and both of their lives change forever Mia Kelly is moving from her home in Ann Arbor to NYC Her father has recently passed away, and she is going to the city to take over his cafe She is responsible, has a business degree, but her real passion is music Not only is she grieving her father, but she is trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life Will Ryan knows exactly what he wants to do with his life Music Music is his life He loves to play, sing, write, and he is very talented He and Mia happen to be on the same flight on their way to NYC They connect on the flight, just click She runs into him again and offers to rent a room out to him in her apartment They become best friends Sometimes it takes the love of others to show us who we really are Okay everyone I have a new book boyfriend, and his name is Will Ryan Yes I loved Will How could you not Musician with tattoos, the sweetest guy ever, charismatic, personable, and funny He is exuberant and has such a passion for music and life I just adored him Will gets Mia to see life in a whole new way Open her eyes to whats right in front of her See what real possibilities exist for her A chance to follow her dreams, do what she loves and what makes her happy Not what she is supposed to do He is able to reach her and heal her in a way no one else has Mia is still hesitant She ...

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    4.5 SWEET STARS.Cutest, most endearing and frustrating book I ve read this year I m pretty convinced that from the first page I knew I would fall a little in love with this book and here s the reason why WILBUR RYAN.Now for reviewing s sake heres some of my book thoughts The characters Well we have already established that I m a firm fan of one of the leading characters, so I ll tell you a bit about them Mia is incredibly sweet, determined, talented and a whole lot of lost Her character teetered on a level of annoying most of the way through the book, but I understood the authors point and found her inner ramblings true to character Will is a typical charmer, he always has a smile or a wink to give out and I fell for his humorous and cheeky behaviour I have no doubt that his gregarious ways will grab any readers attention What s the story Mia is recovering from her pops death she moves to New York to take over his business and start to make sense of her mid twenties existence without her father On her plane journey Over the new York she meets aspiring artist and all round charming and gorgeous Will they hit it off immediately the respective love of music tying them together Another chance meeting seals the deal with fate and Will moves in as Mia s housemate Mia has already made the decision that her and will are destined to be just friends, but what they don t realise is that love is round the ...

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    DNF AT 70% I HATE MIAWhy This book was a 5 stars but ugh Mia ruined the whole book for me The story begins with Mia who lost the only person who had the same interest for music with her.Her father.After that she went to take care his cafe business in New York and that s when she meet Will a musician who they eventually become roommates.I loved the beginning and how they developed an adorable and swee...

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    Sometimes it takes the love of others to show us who we really are Sweet Thing was a truly refreshing read What I loved most about this book was its incredible depth If you were to judge this story by its pretty cover and adorable title, you might expect a sweet and tender love story but what you re given is substantially .This story provides such powerful wisdom offered in bundles and in subtle whispers It kicks off with one of the most intriguing and well thought out prologues I ve read in a while really setting the stage for the insightful tone generously present throughout I love how this unique introduction creatively ties into the heart of the story Mia Kelly thinks with her head, and doesn t let her heart lead her through life She is a talented musician, but stubbornly pushes her passions aside as she focuses on obtaining a sensible business degree However, all of her perfectly planned out decisions come to a crashing halt when she meets the sexy, slightly neurotic, and adorably passionate musician, Will Will Ryan is full of life and abundantly lives up to his name his strong willed character was an inspiration and I loved him the second he whipped out his rosary beads Will is guided through life by passion, and refuses to sell out or conform to what is expected of him Althou...

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    You have to teach your heart and mind how to sing togetherthen you ll hear the sound of your soul 4 STARS for this SWEET, HEARTWARMING, MEANINGFUL, TOUCHING STORY about love, loss, friendship, music and so much It s a story about two people trying to come to terms with their past and trying to find a way to realize their hopes and dreams together in the city of New York Mia Will After reading this story s thoughtful, original and intriguing prologue, I knew I was in for an unforgettable read and that s exactly what this book turned out to be From the moment I started reading it, I could not put it down and I ended up devouring it in one day.Mia and Will meet each other on a plane to New York City Will has been living there for quite some time, while Mia is heading there to take over her recently deceased father s cafe After they land, Will promises to stop by at the cafe some time so they can chat over a cup of coffee, and he keeps true to his promise When they meet each other again, Mia mentions that she s looking for a room mate to share her father s old apartment with and before she realizes it, Will, who was looking for a new place to live himself, has taken her up on the offer of becoming her new room mate The idea that I just invited...

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    4 STARS You have to teach your heart and mind how to sing together then you ll hear the sound of your soul Holy motha of emotions I never thought I d live to see a day where a book could have pushed all my buttons like Thoughtless did and to go through a heroine as frustrating as Kiera all over again minus the cheating and love triangle, thankfully All I wanted to do is set my Kindle on fire repeatedly or throw it against the wall in hopes that it ll somehow be enough to knock some sense into the heroine, Mia I swooned, I yelled, I cried and I raged a helluva lot that it left me so worn out by the end of the book But did I love this book Without a doubt, YES Honestly, this book left me in a mess Where do I even begin The prologue itself was already so thought provoking and original, the writing was absolutely poignant and beautiful that I just knew that this read is gonna be different Throw in an adorably chance encounter between both MCs on an airplane, little did I know I was going to be swept away by a hurricane of a story that is Sweet Thing.This is a story of Mia Kelly who moves in to New York after her dad passed away and left behind his cafe that has been home to many undiscovered musicians and artists Being a musician herself a pianist to be exact and going through a quarter life crisis at the age of 25, Mia who graduated with a business degree is figuring out her life as she s torn between doing the sensible thing by living the life s...

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