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[[ EPUB ]] ✰ Swapped by the Fortune Teller! Author Miranda Joyce –

Swapped by the Fortune Teller! Steve Is Young, Single And On The Prowl At His Town S Annual Carnival The Place Is Filled With Women Barely Out Of High School Walking Around In Short Shorts And Halter Tops Looking For A Night Of Fun Everything Is Going According To Plan That Is, Until He Meets Ginger The Entrancing Fortune Teller Who Offers Him A Reading He Will Never Forget Along With Her Friend, Ioan, The Tall Dark And Silent Acrobat, Ginger Is Going To Grant Steve One Wish A Wish He Never Even Knew He Had But The Cards Never Lie, And Steve Is Pulled Deeper And Deeper Into Ginger And Ianto S Sexual Games Until He Makes A Change He Might Never Come Back From Warning This 7200 Word Erotic Short Story Contains Graphic Depictions Of Steamy Swapped Sex, FFM Threesomes, Pegging And Hints Of Cross Dressing And Fem Dom It Is For Mature Audiences Only Excerpt Come Here And Lie On The Couch I Rose To My Feet Quickly And Was Halfway Across The Small Trailer Before I Realized She Had Not Used Her Magical Commanding Voice On Me I Was Obeying By My Own Desire I Reclined Back Against The Pillows Enjoying The Sight Of My New Body Laid Out Before Me I Wasn T The Only One, Ioan And Ginger Were Staring At Me With Naked Hunger Ginger Opened The Cabinet Door And I Realized There Was A Large Mirror Hung On The Inside Of The Door It Was My First Look At Myself Since I Had Been Changed And It Took My Breath Away My Body Was Slender But Curvy My Hair Had Grown Out And Now Hung Below My Shoulders In Dark Waves My Face Was Small And Oval With Large Blue Eyes And Full Pouting Lips I Wasn T Just A Woman I Was A Beautiful Woman I Parted My Legs And Gazed At The Smooth Lines Of My Panties Gone Were The Unsightly Bulges Of My Package I Ran Two Fingers Over The Fabric In Wonder Yes, Ginger Moaned Take A Good Look At Yourself I Didn T Need Her Suggestion, I Was Already Dying To See What Lay Beneath The Tight Black Fabric I Lifted My Hips Up Off The Sofa And Wriggled The Panties Down My Smooth Legs.

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