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Cheetaka, Queen of Giants When Nine Year Old Tara Is Hurtled Into Giant Land, She Is Not The Only One Amazed The Giants Too Are Astounded To See A Human Being In The Flesh They Believed Humans Were Fictitious Creatures, Found In Story Books.The Greatest Ruler Of The Giant Lands Is Queen Cheetaka Who Believes, With Strength Comes Responsibility She Takes Tara Into Her Care And Soon Tara And Her Son, Montek, Are Good Friends Queen Cheetaka Is Determined To Restore Tara To Her Own World, For Which She Takes The Help Of A Wise, Old Giant, Aaloma.After Six Centuries Of Peace, Trouble Is Brewing In The Giant Lands Druaka, A Weak And Egoistic Ruler And His Ambitious Son, Trimo, Have Broken The Ancient Law Banning Magic Worse, Along With Evil Magician Mamahak, They Are Convinced Tara Is A Powerful Magician They Want To Capture Her, And Gain Her Magic Powers Aaloma Finds The Way To The Human World It Goes Through The Black Forest, The Ice Lands, And The Great Waterfalls, All Of Which Are Extremely Hazardous.To Enslave The Giant Lands, Mamahak Starts Giving Potions To Trimo S Soldiers, To Give Them Abnormal Strength And A Lust For Blood And Gore.Queen Cheetaka Knows Trimo Has To Be Stopped Before He Has An Army Of Such Giants, Or Mighty Beasts As He Calls Them She Trains Her Soldiers, And Learns Magic, Though She Is Aware Of Its Dangers Does Not Magic Often Enslave The Magician She Confronts Trimo S Forces With A Handful Of Soldiers In The Black Forest But In The Midst Of All That Danger, She Does Not Forget Tara.

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    Young 9 year old Tara on vacation with her parents becomes ship wrecked on a beach in a strange land after a very violent storm Everything is so big even the people After being rescued she finds herself in Giant Land under the protection of Queen Cheetaka and her 7 year old son, Montek The giants are so warm and kind to her.This is a very well developed story with so many twists and turns I was amazed The story is so well told that you feel it wrapping around you The descriptions are very detailed and precise with everything from the color of the sky to the flowers and the size of the tiny furniture that was made for Tara to use The protection and care that was given so that Tara felt safe was incredible During this time her friendship with the Queen and her son was heart felt She found that she had so much in common with Montek The different emotions were up and down, the laughter, the sympathy, gladness and tears of happiness I know that this is written for children but I don t think that should apply, everyone could benefit from reading this and I for one really enjoyed it.What I really liked about this story and the author besides the obvious fact that I enjoyed every minute is the learning lessons that are included with her stories In this story there were several but the two that stood out in my mind was Greed and Power How the two can change a person There were oth...

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    Cheetaka, Queen of the Giants is an exciting tale set in a faraway land filled with giants, magic and of course evil doers.When the ship she is traveling on begins to sink, Tara finds herself separated from her parents and on a life boat in rough seas Once the waves calm, Tara realizes she is drifting towards land She eagerly awaits arrival in hopes of being reunited with her parents, but what she finds is utterly amazing Far from home in a region inhabited by giants, Tara gains favor with the Queen who in turn vows to help her get home However, when the evil Druaka and his son Trimo decide to capture Tara, Queen Cheetaka must put her rescue plans on hold and save her own land instead Will Tara ever get home Cheetaka, Queen of the Giants is an imaginative and highly engaging story that appeals to readers of all ages I found the stor...

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    I really enjoyed this book If I could give half stars I would have given it four and a half instead of just four stars Anyway I found the story to be very fast paced and the characters enjoyable I especially loved that the giants were friendly Before this the only book I had ever read with a friendly giant in it was The BFG Giants, especially friendly, don t tend to be chosen too often to be main characters in books so this book also felt very unique to me The only thing I didn t like about the book, though I understood the reasons for it, was the fact that magic is banned in the land of the giants Until that revelation I thought that living among the giants sounded like a lot of fun The giants under Cheetaka s rule obviously enjoy an overall peaceful existence and I really love the queen s rule regarding the wild animals, but I know I would never enjoy living in a fantasy world where I couldn t have magical powers While I receive...

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    Tara has a really big problem Literally One minute she s enjoying a cruise with her parents and the next she finds herself lost in a forest of gigantic proportions Tara soon comes into contact with a race of giants, who are as amazed by her existence as she is of theirs As she adjusts to this giant world, she becomes embroiled in a plot to overthrow the peaceful kingdom of Queen Cheetaka, Queen of the giants But Tara soon discovers that when it comes to courage and determination, size doesn t matter.The story was fast pac...

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    Note I was gifted an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This in no way influenced my opinion of the book.This is a very enjoyable and imaginative story, which is well written, with some excellent descrip...

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    SPOILER FREE Another good book from an amazing author I have had the privilege of reading from this author for awhile and every book I read from her has been good The plot of the story and the characters are well thought out She knows how to draw her readers in This is an author that you really ...

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    I won this book through Goodreads First Reads Review to follow.

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    WOW What an adventure story that Tara went thru I enjoyed this even though it seemed to take forever to get through all of these pages to reach the end of this ebook Therefore, I would like to recommend this ebook for five ...

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    Gita Reddy is a talented writer I love her books, this one is no exception This middle grade book is a fun read that left me satisfied I would recommend this book to anyone who likes stories with fun plots and wonderful characters.

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