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!!> Epub ➤ Familiar Places ➣ Author Cameron Quintain –

Familiar Places The Last Time They Had Been Together She Had Offered To Make Him Immortal, To Be Her Slave Forever Kenneth Is A Private Detective On A Case, And To Solve It He Needs Help From The Beautiful And Dominant Vampire He Once Loved, Once Served A Girl Is Missing, Possibly Kidnapped By Vampires, And Dinaria Is Ken S Only Ally In His Old Haunts He Remembered The Cool, Sweet Taste Of Her Body, The Way Her Nipples Would Darken And Harden When They Became Flushed With Blood, His Blood Twelve Years Earlier, Dinaria S Temptations Had Ruled His Life, Until The Moment He Had Finally Rejected Her To Make A Life For Himself But Now, As They Hunt For The Missing Girl, A World Of Temptations Swirls Around Them Both.

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