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[EPUB] ✽ Just Like Love ❂ Ava Rush –

Just Like Love KINDLE Just Like Love Author Ava Rush Despite Trying To Forget About Her Persistent Billionaire Admirer, Simone Can T Get Him Out Of Her Head Having Received His Gift, It S Clear To Her That Adam Wants Her She S Adamant That He Doesn T Stand A Chance So Why Is She Now Re Evaluating Her Arrangement With Mitch Why Does It Suddenly Feel As Though He Isn T Enough Adam Tries To Get His New Business Venture Off The Ground, But Getting People To Take Him Seriously Isn T Easy, Not With His History Two Separate Encounters Bring Back Some Painful Childhood Memories And A Night Out With His Sister, Just When He Thinks It Can T Be Salvaged, Takes A Surprising Turn When Fate Brings Him Face To Face With The Object Of His Affections Episode 2 Of This 5 Part Steamy Bw Wm, Interracial Romance Serial Episodes Released Fortnightly.

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