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[ Read ] ➳ Magyar Muscle 1 Author Emeric Varady –

Magyar Muscle 1 Magyar Muscle The Honor Of Hungary Is At Stake When Two Massive Young Hungarian Bodybuilders Travel To The Town Of Dubrovnik, On Croatia S Adriatic Coast, To Participate In A Physique Contest They Re There To Compete, Not To Party But After The Contest, They Do Manage To Fit Some Recreation Into Their Schedule First, They Enjoy A Romp On A Clothing Optional Beach Then They Accept The Hospitality Of Two Croatian Bodybuilders, And Agree To Extend Their Stay Overnight Four Muscle Men Instead Of Two Equals Twice The Muscle And Twice The Fun Back Home In The City Of Debrecen, In Hungary, A Typical Brag Session In The Gym About Who Can Lift Weight Leads To An Interesting Challenge The Loser Of The Contest Must Swallow His Pride And Submit To The Victor.

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