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!!> Epub ➟ Rim Jim - The Accidental Heroes ➞ Author Harsha –

Rim Jim - The Accidental Heroes The Story Of Rim Jim The Accidental Heroes Revolves Around 2 New Friends, Rim The Parrot Jim The Dog Jim Wants To Get His Lost Life Back Rim Decides To Help Him In His Mission But Standing Between Them Their Journey Are Salty Don Of Dogs , Bonda Bhai Ruthless Lover , Laka Manipulator , Kittie Challenger 2 Men Professional Killers What Are Their Motives In Harming Rim Jim Can Rim Jim Succeed This Is The Crux Of The Story, But There Are Few Interesting Sub Plots Like A Love Angle Interwoven Skilfully Into The Narrative There Is Going To Be Plenty Of Fun, Action, Emotion Etc It Will Be A Fantastic Journey For The Readers Too Rim Jim Would Be A 4 Part Series, Meaning 3 Are In Pipeline The Adventure Quotient Will Increase With Each Book Before Reaching The Crescendo In The Final Edition We Would Like To Bring Them All Out Before The End Of 2015 The Story Was Actually Written For An Animation Film Then Converted As A Comic Book So, There Is Going To Be Some Amazing Characterisations, Tight Screenplay, Good Logic Intelligent Dialogues, Which Will Be Appealing To The Adult Readers As Well We Are Extremely Confident That All Age Groups Would Be Able To Enjoy This Book Thoroughly.

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