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[Read] ➳ Blood on the Wall By Samantha Stein –

Blood on the Wall Drawn By The Scent Of Death And Despair, As Guardian Of The Old Forest, Tarik Goes To Investigate The Death Of The Area S Old Druid In The Grisly Scene He Finds There, He Also Runs Into A Reporter Who May Turn Out To Be The Endangered Forest S Only Hope Jayne Has Come For The Scoop On The Murder, But When She Comes In Contact With The Old Druid S Blood, Her Heritage Awakens And Her Essence Begins To Change Reluctant To Believe Tarik S Explanations, She Ignores The Fantastic Changes To Her Mind And Body And Chooses To Run Home Instead But When The Druid S Killer Decides She S An Unresolved Loose End, She Must Quickly Come To Terms With Her New Reality, Before Her Ignorance Winds Up Killing Them All.

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