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[ Download ] ➽ not.a.reindeer and lupus_sapiens Author Anya Byrne –

not.a.reindeer and lupus_sapiensWhat Could A Feisty IT Programer Who Is Often The Target Of Reindeer Jokes And A Werewolf Latin Teacher Desperate For A Mate Possibly Have In Common Quite A Lot, Apparently At Least According To Mate Meet Online.Rudy Is Coaxed Into Joining MMO By The Beauty Of The Coding And The Cause His Friend Cam Believes In Giovanni Begrudgingly Agrees To Register Due To His Cousin S Encouragement Neither Of Them Expect It To Actually Work.The Result A Mix Of Misunderstandings, Hot Coffee, Sweet Nothings Whispered In Latin, Frantic Sexy Times And The First Romance Of Mate Meet Online The Story Of Not.a.raindeer And Lupus_sapiens.

[ Download ] ➽ not.a.reindeer and lupus_sapiens Author Anya Byrne –
  • ebook
  • 36 pages
  • not.a.reindeer and lupus_sapiens
  • Anya Byrne
  • English
  • 07 May 2017
  • 9781311554161

    10 thoughts on “[ Download ] ➽ not.a.reindeer and lupus_sapiens Author Anya Byrne –

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    For entire series These are the first three books in an adorably sweet little shifter series about wolves who join an online dating service that promises to find them their fated mates using a scientifically proven method In all three instances there is the obvious doubting of the system and the amazement that it works, but they are all three super c...

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    Shorter than the first and actually the first couple of Mate Meet Online A mix of misunderstandings, hot coffee, sweet nothings whispered in Latin, frantic sexy times This I found to be misleading I didn t feel like there was THAT much misunderstandings between them Yes there was confusion and misunderstanding in their online conversation That was straightened out fairly fast I guess...

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    Another cute little story in this series, this being somewhat of a prequel to the first book, outlining the first successful match from Mate Meet Online The MCs were also entertaining compared to the first book, and the chemistry is also believable Once again, the writing...

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    Too short but enjoyable nonetheless.

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