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[Reading] ➸ Uncovering Trump Author David A. Fahrenthold –

Uncovering Trump From David A Fahrenthold, Winner Of The 2017 Pulitzer Prize For National Reporting, Comes A Fascinating Behind The Scenes Look At The Stories And Scandals Of Donald Trump S Campaign In February Of 2016, Donald Trump Promised 6 Million In Donations, Including 1 Million From His Own Pocket, To Local Charities Along His Campaign Trail But By The Time He Won The New Hampshire Primary, He Had Stopped Giving Away Money And Had Donated Far Less Than His Pledged Amount Washington Post Reporter David A Fahrenthold Went In Search Of The Missing Money, And Found A Bigger Story Than He Ever Expected In This Collection Of Articles From The Washington Post, Fahrenthold Chronicles His Investigations On Candidate Trump From A Deep Dive Into The Trump Foundation To Breaking The News Of The Now Infamous Access Hollywood Tape, The Information He Discovered Shaped The Course Of The Campaign And Set The Tone For The Trump Presidency A Must Read For Anyone Who Followed The 2016 Campaign, Uncovering Trump Takes You Behind The Scenes Of Fahrenthold S Investigation, Through The Lens Of His Expertly Reported News Stories.

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    Fascinating I read some of these articles as they were published When they re gathered together, with some graphs and figures that I didn t see last fall, the mean spirited and petty T45 looks even worse Since this is a compi...

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    Even thi I d read David Fahrenthold s reporting in the Washington Post yes, print edition and continue to do so, this combined all the information that for those who esp don t read the Post need to know Compare it to your giving and compare it to what he says he gives His million dollar pledge to help the victims of Harvey is dubious the organizations to which he pledged, including some of his Evangelical pals who support his support of right wing extremists seems ill placed I m sure Mr Fahrenthold will follow up to see if in fact the money he said he d give a came from his own pocket OR b from his companies or c no doubt his foundation which is not his money He is a most ungenerous man is that a spoiler Naw if you re even interested in this book you know and always has been Read it I did in print so unsure why it says kindle edition and give it to those who still think he s a really great guy if you think it might...

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    Yet another gin eyed account of Trump and his mental health problems and his complete disregard for honesty and law I hope the US survives these next four years and then we never need to read a word about Don the Con again

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    A collection of his Washington Post articles on how Trump promised millions in charitable donations but failed to deliver The stories collected together pack a powerful punch It s hard to understand why they didn t have a bigger impact on voters.

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    Revealing the truth of Trumps philanthropy A n in depth analysis of how Donald Trump mislead the public and donors about his foundation.Recommended for readers who want than headlines and fake news.

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