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!!> BOOKS ✻ The Prague Ultimatum ✴ Author James Silvester –

The Prague Ultimatum The Chilling International Euro Thriller Perfect For Fans Of Child 44, Deutschland 83 And Stasi Child Fear Stalks The Newly Reunified Czechoslovakia, The Terror Wrought By International Terrorism And Violent Extremists Overshadowing The Forthcoming Fiftieth Anniversary Of The Prague Spring, And Threatening To Burn The Country In Its Wake Into This Arena Steps Captain Lincoln Stone, A Disgraced British Officer, Humiliatingly Scapegoated By His Government For His Role In The Disastrous On Going Syrian Conflict Plucked From His Purgatory, Stone Is Teased With Exoneration By British Foreign Secretary Jonathan Greyson, In Return For His Off The Books Aid Of Czechoslovak Prime Minister, Miroslava Svobodova Stone, Resentful Of His Treatment And Determined To Prove Himself, Is Driven By Deeper Motives Than The Casual Platitudes Of His Superiors, And Finds Himself At The Epicentre As The Country Descends Into Chaos Cut Off From The International Community And Isolated In The Face Of An Expansionist Russia, And With The Sinister Institute For European Harmony Ever Present Behind The Scenes, Czechoslovakia S Fate, And That Of The World, Hangs On The Outcome To The Prague Ultimatum.

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    4.5 stars for The Prague Ultimatum by James Sylvester, a chilling thriller set in the newly reunified Czechoslovakia Captain Lincoln Stone, a disgraced British Officer, is offered redemption if he will help the Czech Prime Minister Stone, determined to prove himself, finds himself isolated in a country wrought by terrorism and violent extremism Plenty of believable action and treachery in this, the second in the Prague series I have not read the first, Escape to Perdition, but I don t believe it would have improved my enjoyment of The Prague Ultimatum I will be reading it though, as well as looking for from this author Thank you to Urbane Publications via Netgalley for providing a digital copy of The Prague Ultimatum by James Silvester for review All o...

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    Entertaining Post brexit Spy Thriller.James Silvester sets second of his Prague Thrillers series in a newly reunified Czechoslovakia post Brexit Czechoslovakian independence is threatened by right wing extremists overshadowing the forthcoming fiftieth anniversary of the Prague Spring.Silvester shows his depth of knowledge of this regions history as he ratches up the tension ...

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    A book that I read in two parts I started it the first day he eBook preorder came through That had some formatting issues and having reached out to the author, he was kind enough to send a paperback all the way to Estonia for me Even signed it too This is the second book I ve read from this author, both set in the same reunified nation that is current Czech Republic As a writer of Russian based thrillers myself, there was plenty in this one to keep me entertained Plenty of twists, and an unexpected resolution I rated it five stars because of the quality design of the paperback, the craft of the story telling and the fact James Silvester is an author I m following and think you should too.My one critical comment and my rating is unaffected as this issue can be corrected was the badly formatted eBook which stopped me reading in...

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    The Prague Ultimatumby James SilvesterUrbane PublicationsGeneral Fiction Adult , Mystery ThrillersPub Date 20 Apr 2017I am reviewing a copy of The Prague Ultimatum through Urbane Publications and Netgalley The world is on verge of war, extreme acts of terrorism are happening world wide.The newly reunited Czechoslovakia is gripped in terror Extreme acts of terrorism a...

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    A great story exploring the politics of extremism and the impact it could have in the volatile climate of a former part of the Soviet Union The author does a masterful job of holding back enough information to keep you wanting but not enough that you disengage from the story...

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