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!!> Read ➵ Dumb Gym Bunnies ➸ Author Douglas Benjamin –

Dumb Gym Bunnies On A Magical Vacation, Mike And Arthur Watch Their Bodies Growing Larger With Muscle But They Can Feel Their Minds Growing Dumber, Too A Hookup At A Gay Bar Brings Them To A Gym Where Lifting Weights Dumbs Them Down Before They Get Naked In The Steam Room And A Rugby Match Is The Scene Of Humiliating Shrinking What Form Will Their Bodies Take By The Time Their Vacation Is Over And How Much Of Their Minds Will Remain As They Turn Into Swaggering Over Sexed Jocks This Is An Erotic Male Male Story Of Transformation, 14,000 Words Long, Featuring Muscle Growth, Mind Control, Humiliation, Numerous Sexual Encounters, And Men Taking On Animalistic Traits An Excerpt So, You Wanna Work Out Rex Said Arthur Nearly Laughed At Him I Ve Never Been To A Gym, He Said I Wouldn T Know What To I M Not Dressed For No Rex Rolled His Eyes You Just Lift Stuff, Man, He Said It S Not Rocket Science Probably I Don T Remember What Rocket Science Was Like He Stepped Out From Behind The Counter And Put An Arm Around Arthur, Guiding Him Into The Gym Arthur Felt Tiny In His Muscular Grasp, And The Other Guys In The Gym Only Heightened The Feeling They Were All Gym Bunnies Of Various Shapes And Sizes Some Tall, Some Short, Most Massive And Muscular, But A Few Were Soft And Fat And Others Were Wiry And Thin They All Had Tall Rabbit Ears, And They Were All Intensely Focused On Lifting Weights, Squatting, And Pushing Levers On Machines The Smell Of Sweat Was Overpowering What Do You Want To Try First Said Rex Me Said Arthur Oh, I M Not Here To Work Out I Don T Know How Just Relax, Kiddo, Said Rex You Don T Gotta Do Anything You Don T Wanna He Didn T Remove His Arm From Around Arthur Okay, I Guess I Ll Just Arthur Trailed Off Um Go If You Want, Said Rex Here, Before You Go, Take A Hat He Grabbed A Red Baseball Cap From A Shelf And Before Arthur Could React, Set It Down On His Head As Soon As The Baseball Cap Touched His Scalp, Arthur Felt A Wild Rush His Mind Swam, Dizzy And His Heart Suddenly Raced He Shook His Head To Gain His Bearings You Alright Rex Said Arthur Staggered A Bit, Then Caught Himself I Think So, He Said Sorry I Don T Know What What Were We Saying You Wanna Stick Around And Try Some Lifting Said Rex I Ll Teach You Might As Well, Said Arthur He Scratched His Head Was He About To Go Somewhere He Couldn T Remember Oh Well Here, Try Something Simple, Said Rex, Handing Him Two Five Pound Weights Just Lift One At A Time Arthur Stared At The Weights In His Hand, Then Up At Rex Helplessly Like This, Said Rex, Moving Behind Arthur Pressing His Body Against Arthur S Back, Rex Reached Down To Gently Grasp His Wrist, Then Lifted Them Rhythmically Up And Down Like This, Arthur Echoed, Looking Down At Himself Lifting Weights For The First Time In His Life He Felt Rex S Heat Behind Him, And Also A Strange Warmth In His Arms Look At Yourself, Said Rex Arthur Looked Up At The Mirror Across From Them He First Saw The Gym Bunnies Behind Them Then Saw Rex Standing Against Him Then He Saw An Unfamiliar Man Wearing A Red Baseball Cap And Lifting Small Weights Then He Realized That Man Was Him.

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