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[Reading] ➭ Missing Persons (DCI Morton, #5) ➵ Daniel Campbell –

Missing Persons (DCI Morton, #5) Detective Inspector Rafferty Never Could Say No If Someone Asked Her For Help, She Gave It No Ifs Or Buts When A Troubled Girl From Rafferty S Past Calls Asking For Help To Find Her Missing Boyfriend, Rafferty Can T Stop Herself Rushing To The Rescue She Has To Find Him, Get Him Home Safe, And Do It Before Morton Loses Patience It Wasn T The First Time Rafferty Went Out Of Her Way To Help Somebody But It Would Be The Last Missing Persons Is A Standalone Novel In The DCI Morton Series.

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    FREE on today 11 27 2017

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    DCI Morton and his team are looking into the death of a man who lived on a narrowboat His girlfriend, Faye, has just come out of prison, and when he goes missing after an evening with friends, and is later found dead, she and the guests are suspects as they were the last to see him alive Rafferty, new to the team, knows the girl from years ago,...

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    Another Winner Don t even think about getting any sleep if you are reading a DCI Morton Crime Novel Just when you think you have it all figured out, another twist comes your way.

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    Very good.A baffling murder with a bunch of suspects This is the first book I ve read which mentions longboats in London, so that was interesting The DCI has four or five people working for him and all contributed Other characters are used sparingly, but have impacts on the investigation The suspects all played a pretty big role, and they were not eliminated quickly or easily All of them, including the victim, have some ghosts in their closets Finally, technology is used a lot throughout the story I w...

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    Longboats on the London waterways often moving berths to save money, or to avoid people you don t want to find you can be a headache to the law when your are trying to locate a murderer When a girl from DI Rafferty s past asks for help to find her boyfriend, she doesn t hesitate to help look for him, as long as she doesn t annoy her boss, DCI Morton Until his body turns up in a canalRead the complete review on www.bookpostmortem.wordpress.comThis copy was an Instafreebie selection, chosen by...

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    Interesting but flawedThis was the first book I had read of the DCI Morton series I found the police team a little peculiar 3 DIs in one team Unheard of Mayberry s stuttering became a bit annoying after a while and he and Ayala didn t seem ...

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    Faye was out, and now freedom, Mark who visited each week was waiting for her He had a narrow boat, that they would be leaving on, changing where it where it was dock He had a meeting with a client that would mean a big bonus for them Mark never came home, police weren t much hel...

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    Not brilliantMost of this was ok ish readable but not the slightest bit gripping or suspenseful The characters not very believable.The last few chapters were totally bizarre, the split personality twist ridiculous Why are the chapters named Really irritating.I have read couple of other books by thes...

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    Worth the waitHaving read the previous 4 stories about DCI David Morton I and his team I couldn t wait to start on this latest book from the off you are engrossed and the storyline has you wondering where they are heading in their search absolutely brilliantly written have to say I was not disappoi...

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    Interesting Prior to this new release, the DCI Morton series was one of my favorites in the British police procedural genre This has now been reinforced after reading Book 5 I did however feel that this story s plot was a tiny bit weak compared to the previous ...

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