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[Reading] ➶ Socialism For Millennials ➽ Jerry Cunningham –

Socialism For Millennials Bernie Sanders Made Socialism A Good Word What Is Socialism Has There Ever Been A Socialist Movement In The U.S How Does Socialism Tie Together Militarism, Racism, Environmental Crimes And The Wall Street Banksters This Book, By Attorney, College Teacher And Writer Jerry Cunningham, Explains Recent U.S History From A Socialist Standpoint, And Sets Forth Practical Steps Necessary For Carrying Bernie S Vision To The Next Level Contents 220 Pages I Introduction II What S Wrong With Capitalism, Anyway III The Environment IV Latin America Fights Back V Cages For All The Victory Of The Punishers VI National Liberation After World War II VII The House Of Islam Fights Back VIII Poisonous Ideologies The Loss Of Privacy IX They Like, We Like X Socialists To Know And Love

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