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[Epub] ↠ One Author Richard Bach –

OneUnder The Spell Of Quantum Physics, Bach And His Wife Leslie Are Catapulted Into An Alternate World, One In Which They Exist Simultaneously In Many Different Incarnations First They Encounter Themselves As They Were 16 Years Ago On The Day They First Met In This Version Of Their Lives, They Do Not Marry, And Never Achieve The Happiness Bach Assures Us That Their Real Union Has Produced Bach Once Again Displays An Inventive Imagination And Inspirational Zeal That Will Have Readers Examining Their Own Lives.

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    One, Richard BachukThe author Richard and his wife Leslie have come under a spell of quantum physics As a result, they find themselves in an alternate world, existing in different incarnations at the same time First it is as if they were themselves, but living sixteen years in the past, on the day that they first met In this alternate version of their lives they do not wed, and neither finds the happiness that in their actual life they do achieve What if we could talk face to face with the people we were in the past, with the people we are in parallel lifetimes, in alternate worlds What would we tell them, and what would we ask How would we change if we new what waits beyond space and time In a journey with his wife, Leslie, Richard Bach travels to a realm where survival depends on discovering what the other aspects of themselves have learned on roads they never took where ...

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    If you ve ever seen yourself in someone else, or felt how they bring something out in youif you ve ever wondered what a world without war would be like, or a world that bombed instead of blinked to end the Cold Warif you ve ever wondered how...

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    I bought this book many years ago, after reading Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Illusions I tried several times to read the book, but never got past a few pages Finally, I vowed to read it If I liked it, it would stay on my shelf if I didn t like it, I d donate it.I ll be donating this book to the library tomorrow.If I were a teenager, with most of life s major choices ahead of me, this book would probably offer some lessons worth learning If I were not a thinking, self aware person, the ideas in this book might be eye opening Both cases not being true, I found this book like science fiction masquerading as philosophy.I imagine the author re living all his late night dorm room conversations and early adult cocktail dinner parties, and never having been able to get a word in edgewise, he constructs this venue through which to express all his varied philosophies His ideas are not without m...

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    Let me be clear when I read this I was all about finding my soul mate and blah, blah, blah And now I know there s no mystical meeting of souls My true love is the man who takes out the garbage because I don t want to And I m his true love, because I keep the house tidy and figure the taxes, things he doesn t want to do And we stay together not bec...

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    This is so far my favorite of Bach s books The ideas portrayed are so incredibly powerful and touching, they really speak to that core within.Richard and Leslie AKA RiLesChardlie are flying to LA to attend a conference at Spring Hills where other unique thinkers of the time are gathering there to discuss their ideas As they come in to approach LA in their rainbow seaplane something extraord...

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    One of my favourites The book draws you in with ideas of parallel worlds, alternate pasts, crossroads you are taken on an exploration with Richard and Leslie of whether choices could really change our destiny and it all ties together strangely We fly up high, I said trembling with insight, and we have perspective We see every choice and fork and cros...

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    What can I say Another brilliant book by Richard Compelling.

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    ,, Ir kai tiktai ioje alyje bent keletas moni suvoks,kad vienas mogus gali tur ti kelis gyvenimus,mes i karto pasakysime jiems ne, kiekvienas mogus turi nesuskai iuojam galyb gyvenim , ir visi jie vyksta i karto, vienu metu.

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    I read this just to see how bad it was, back in high school The answer painful Oh, man Whine whine whine oh daddy never loved me, my parents drank alcohol, I don t think the world understands my hippy love for flying airplanes I like airplanes as much as the next person but this book nearly killed that love.Brief synopsis Richard Bach is back He and his wife go on a plane ride and get visited by an interdimensional being who is a cross between them She is a young Polynesian girl for some reason they are an elderly white couple sookay Polynesian girl shows them alternate realities they could have lived in including Stalinist Russia, where apparently reading any kind of book whatsoever was banned as illegal seriously, what , and a utopia where everybody loves each other because they all rally around plane races Oy very Richard Bach went on to make even worse tripe than this but I didn t read it because I had already read Piers Anthony ...

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