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[Epub] ↠ The Rememberer Author B.F. Accardi –

The Rememberer An Ancient Diary That Writes Itself Earthquakes That No One Else Can Feel A Mystery Light From An Empty Attic And A Growing Certainty That He Has Forgotten Something Important Walt Walters Hates Garage Sales But Every Saturday, His Father Drags Walt And His Sisters To Every Garage Sale In Town To Hunt Up Bargains On An Unusually Blustery Day, A Kindly Man Offers Walt An Old Briefcase From His Sale Items Walt Is Less Than Excited At The Offer, But At Home He Finds An Old Diary Inside The Briefcase Written By A Young Girl, Seventy Years Earlier The Diary Ends Abruptly, But When Walt Goes Back To It The Next Day, He Finds That Diary Entries Have Appeared Where The Diary Had Stopped And Even Entries Appear When He Shows The Diary To His Friend Celia In The Diary, The Young Girl, Alice Shaworth, Tells Of Mysterious Events In Her Life, Including Tremors No One Else Can Feel, Family Members Who Become Frozen While She Can Still Move About, And A Blaring Light That Appears Under The Doorway That Leads To Her Attic When Walt And Celia Investigate Alice Shaworth S Life They Discover That She Disappeared Decades Earlier And Was Never Found And Then, The Strange Events That Alice Recorded In Her Diary Begin Happening To Walt His House Begins Shaking But No One In The Family Seems To Notice His Father And Sisters Become Frozen And He Cannot Shake Them Out Of It, And They Can T Remember It When They Come Out Of Their Trance And A Strange Light Emanating From His Attic Leads Him To Investigate There He Finds A Panel Missing From The Roof Of His House, With An Intense Light Blazing From It When He Tries To Run Away, He Is Pulled By An Unseen Force Toward The Light, Toward The World Of Forgetting On The Other Side, Toward Paralleladise Where He Will Unravel An Old Mystery, Save An Old Friend, And Meet The Rememberer.

[Epub] ↠ The Rememberer  Author B.F. Accardi –
  • Paperback
  • 504 pages
  • The Rememberer
  • B.F. Accardi
  • English
  • 10 June 2018
  • 1520966393

    10 thoughts on “[Epub] ↠ The Rememberer Author B.F. Accardi –

  1. says:

    I wasn t fully expecting to like this book middle grade and YA fantasy too often go hand in hand with cliches, awkward romance, or melodrama I can truly say, however, that this book was unlike any other I had ever read It is a fully realized fantasy, creating a whole new universe with coherent rules, interesting conflict, and well developed characters Needless to say, I read the whole thing in about 2 hours, and resurfaced wishing desperately for a sequel.The Rememberer follows high schooler I wasn t fully expecting to like this book middle grade and YA fantasy too often g...

  2. says:

    Can t wait for book 2Beautifully imagined Effortless prose that captures the images with clarity Warm, funny, engaging You fall in love with the characters and fight alongside as Walt and Celia learn the full scope of their potential I have t...

  3. says:

    There s a moment in The Rememberer when protagonist Walt Walters is running across a prairie at night, pursued by an unknown foe, and he realizes that he s being chased by a battalion of flying, motorized garden gnomes, that sets a new standard for inventiveness, imagination, excitement, and wry humor in YA and mid grade literature, surpassing even the high bar set by J.K Rowling s Harry Potter series...

  4. says:

    I loved this book I found it really hard to put down once I started it so much so that I pretty much skipped working and just read The characters really came to life and I found myself rooting out loud for them I became ...

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