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[Download] ➹ Evasion ➾ Becca Boucher –

Evasion Five Years After A Pandemic Ravaged The Northeast, The Small New Hampshire Town Of Dana Seems Prized For A Comeback The Ski Resorts Are Opening Back Up, The Police Force Is Stable, And Longtime Residents Are Rebuilding Their Lives, It All Seem To Be Pointing The Town In The Right Direction But The Restrictions Of Reconstruction, Accompanied By The Poverty It Brought With It, Have Combined To Bring A Resurgence In The Drug Trade The Very Thing That Helped Cripple The Region In The First Place Former Olympic Snowboarder, And New Sheriff, Cole Erickson Knows The Struggle All Too Well He Grew Up In The Town, Fought For It During The Pandemic, And Lost Too Many People In The Process He Holds A Secret That Could Blow The Lid Off The Government S Well Placed Lies, He Just Needs The Perfect Time To Revel It Lizbeth Williams Is A Survivor She Was One Of The Few Who Stayed In Dana, While Her Husband Fought Alongside Cole In The Last Wave Of The Pandemic, Nearly Losing His Life Like Many Who Faced The Infected And Lived, Lucas Williams Was Forever Changed He Makes A Deal To Ensure His Own Survival, And Lizbeth Is Just In The Way When Lizbeth Disappears It Sets The Stage For The Final Battle To Save Dana, And Bring An End To The Conspiracy That Could Very Well Cripple The Nation.

[Download] ➹ Evasion  ➾ Becca Boucher –
  • Paperback
  • Evasion
  • Becca Boucher
  • English
  • 07 October 2017
  • 9781521071748

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    The rest of the town was quite Returning from patrol, I was relived to find everyone accounted for We just couldn t shake the feeling that this was the calm before the storm A war was coming, and you didn t know who your enemies were or where they would be attacking from For now, I welcomed the quiet as I stared out at the deserted street With the pandemic of infected finally contained, the small town of Dana, New Hampshire is finally making a comeback to how it was before everything went to hell Only thing is drugs are running rampant and hitting a little too close to home for Liz Williamson Horribly close When secrets her husband has been hiding come to light will Liz be able to stop the next epidemic from happening or will the northeast United States succumb to drugs and the people supplying them I love that we are venturing into this story after the epidemic seeing how towns across the northeast US are trying to get back to what they once were We see how they are slowly starting up their lives after the infected wreaked havoc on their towns You don t see too many stories going that route what happens after the apocalypse I, for one, enjoyed it Love the characters and how they came off so real Like you and me Every day people just trying to make it and get by in a world that hasn t shown much kindness Even Cole, who was once an Olympic snowboarder...

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    Evasion Tells a Very Different Apocalyptic TaleDon t be fooled by the serene setting this face paced atypical zombie story is a quick read It s easy to connect with the characters You can t help but fall for Cole Erickson, the handsome hero And whil...

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    I love the idea of a man made, mind eating bacteria and the use of drugs as a means of distribution Bringing in elements of intrigue, government conspiracy, interwoven lies, kidnapping, and murders, all within a small town, makes this a fast paced p...

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    Good example of horror AdventureThis was a fun, well paced and quick read A fun reimagining of the quickly becoming clicked zombie genre My only issue was the editing which was a failure and pulled me out of the story a couple times But I slipped back into it with relative ease.

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    Enjoyable and interesting post pandemic storyI was expecting an apocalyptic theme to this story Not the case but the story did not suffer This novel is not deep in characters or plot line The story does make you care for the good guys and is an enjoyable read.

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    Review to follow in Books Quills Magazine

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    She does it again The coolest thing about this author is her unique ability to make you believe you know what your about to read then completely blow your mind when it turns into something completely different and fresh from other works When I started reading this book, I thought oh great zombies and post apocolyptic type events When the story got going I soon realized how wrong I was This is a story about inner strength and overcoming impossible situations This is a story about not losing hope This is a story about how delusional power hungry people could get and how their hunger for power concocts an equally delusional plan that causes a whole lot of unnecessary deaths of innocent people This is a story about friends sticking together to overcome odds and new beginnings when the future seems an impossibility Listening to your gut, not f...

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