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➝ Trapped Within free download ➢ Author Duncan P. Bradshaw –

Trapped Within Twenty Four Stories Of Horror, With All Proceeds Going To The Stroke Association EyeCue Productions Has Brought Together Some Of The Brightest Names In Independent Horror, To Shock, Scare And Frighten You With A Diverse Range Of Stories, There Is Something For Everyone Inside Not Only Will This Anthology Keep You Entertained For Hours, You Ll Also Get A Nice Warm Glow Inside, Knowing That You Ve Helped A Charity Contains Original Work And Reprints From Alice J Black Duncan P Bradshaw Jonathan Butcher Dawn Cano Mark Cassell Garrett Cook L De Clifford Daryl Duncan Kayleigh Marie Edwards Andrew Freudenberg Ash Hartwell Adam Howe David Owain Hughes Benedict J Jones Kitty Kane Andrew Lennon Adam Millard Christine Morgan James Newman J.R Park Ken Preston Craig Saunders Damien Angelica Walters Dan Weatherer Delve Inside These Pages, And Pray That You Don T BecomeTrapped Within.

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    Wow Superb variety bucket of horror gems to gnaw on Some of the finest authors unite for a fantastic cause, and deliver their own special recipe for terror.

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    For the overall package I cannot give this book any less than full marks The way it has been put together is wonderful Duncan Bradshaw is a man who always puts his heart and soul into everything he does, and it shows again with Trapped Within The amount of talent, new to me, and old, is immense The ...

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    What a collection of petrifying tales of horror Some of the authors I have read before but there were some newbies in here that wrote some chilling stories of terror I highly recommend this book if you love horror and as a bonus...

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    This is a totally killer anthology featuring stories that range from the morbidly bizarre my shoulders still itch after reading the Jonathan Butcher tale to the beautifully somber I was expecting something humorous from Duncan P Bradshaw but was blown away by his serious, viscera...

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    A good read This was a good collection of horror stories Although there was a couple that I didn t care for, the majority of them was interesting.

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