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Read ✓ Going Over the Falls By Amy Waeschle –

Going Over the Falls A Devoted ER Doctor Her Neglectful Mother Can A Journey Of A Lifetime Heal Their Troubled Past Dr Lorna Jacob Yearns For Something She S Never Had A Deep Family Connection But When Her Estranged Mother Shows Up In The ER, She Becomes Caught In The Current Of Obligation, Guilt, And Anger The Discovery Of A Terminal Illness Forces An Agonizing Choice Walk Away For Good Or Give One Last Chance To A Relationship That Died Long Ago After Her Mother Disappears Once Again, Lorna S Desire To Finally Understand Her Past Leads Her To A Small Mexican Town With Big Waves But To Help Her Mother Fulfill A Dying Wish, She Must Embark On A Terrifying Journey And As A Powerful Storm Rolls In, Lorna Must Make A Choice That Could Haunt Her Forever Pushing Herself To Her Limits, Will Lorna S Quest End In Heartbreak Or Freedom Going Over The Falls Is A Touching Tale Of Women S Fiction If You Like Exotic Locales, Complex Relationships, And The Healing Power Of Love And Forgiveness, Then You Ll Adore Amy Waeschle S Powerful Novel Buy Going Over The Falls To Unlock A Family S Last Chance Today

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    Going Over the Falls, is about at torn relationship between a mother, Alex, and her daughter, Lorna.Lorna, the main character, is an insecure woman She finds it hard to trust men, or maintain long term relationships She works as a resident doctor in the ER Her mother, Alex, is a pro surfer.The two have been out of contact with one another for many years, mainly due to Alex always putting her surfing career before her daughter Because of this, Lorna felt neglected and decided the only way to deal with the turmoil was to cut her mother out of her life, permanently.When Alex walks into the ER looking terrible and needing help, Lorna is torn as to whether she is willing to help her mother, but as the test comes back positive for cancer, she decides that she must put her feelings to one side Unfortunately, Alex has upped and left, leaving Lorna on a quest to find her.Lorna feels that she has no option but to try and find her mother, but as the two reunite under difficult circumstances, Alex is still trying to push her daughter away, le...

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    Between a mother and daughterThe setting was than just the backdrop for the story, and this helped bring the story to life Lorna and Alex are mother and daughter, and twists appear within their angst filled, torn relationship The reader is on edge, but seems to figure out where the story is going to go, however, it doesn t take away from the story at all, as there are so many possibilities I enjoyed the story and will read for Was...

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    Going Over the Falls impressed me so much Not only a gripping description of an estrangement between mother and daughter, but a magnificent narrative of the world of extreme surfing And so much Great subplots of realistic romance, friendships, and rival...

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    In Going Over the Falls Amy Waeschle gives us loving descriptions of waves and wave riding that only someone who knows the ocean well could accomplish Her in depth characterizations keep the pages turning as we follow the saga of surfer Dr Lorna Jacobs trying to locate and rescue her seriously ill mother, Alex, who s running a surf camp in a remote Mexican village ...

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    This was a fantastic read I am a passionate beach lover who secretly longs to surf and this book made my dreams come true if only for a little while The vivid detail of Fiji, Mexico, and everywhere in between was a great escape ...

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this romantic adventure story Waeschle s talent for writing flawed but interesting characters along with the vibrant settings and details of the surfing lifestyle kept me hooked from beginning to end The relationships are complicated and at times he...

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    This story had me hooked Not a great literary book, but the story was good, as it took me surfing, to Mexico and Fiji Great for the Pacific Northwest Winter blahs

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