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[Ebook] Grave Undertaking (Buryin Barry, #2) By Mark de Castrique –

Grave Undertaking (Buryin Barry, #2) Barry Clayton Has Left The Charlotte Police Force To Manage His Ailing Father S Funeral Home In The Peace And Quiet Of The Appalachian Mountains But Buryin Barry Is An Undertaker With A Problem He Keeps Finding Unwanted Business Moving A Grave On A Snowy Mountainside Should Be Routine No Funeral, No Procession, No Grieving Widow To Console Routine Until Barry Unearths An Unexpected Intruder, A Skeleton Lying Atop The Original Occupant A Bullet Hole In The Skull Piques His Ex Cop Curiosity The Photograph Of His Girlfriend Susan Miller In The Murdered Man S Wallet Makes The Case Very Personal Suddenly, Barry S Life Is Turned Upside Down, As Susan Becomes The Prime Suspect.Joining Forces With His Pal Sheriff Tommy Lee Wadkins, Barry Sets Out To Find The Real Killer But A Terrible Secret Had Been Buried In That Mountain Grave And One Murder Is Only The Down Payment Someone Is Willing To Pay To Keep It Hidden Barry Is Torn Between Discovering The Solution To The Crime And Uncovering A Part Of Susan S Past That Could Destroy Their Relationship.When The Killer Strikes Again, Barry Learns That Even Is At Stake In A Duel Of Deceit And Misdirection, One Thing Becomes Crystal Clear Barry S Grave Undertaking Could Very Well Lead To His Own Funeral.

[Ebook] Grave Undertaking (Buryin Barry, #2)  By Mark de Castrique –
  • Hardcover
  • 324 pages
  • Grave Undertaking (Buryin Barry, #2)
  • Mark de Castrique
  • English
  • 04 October 2019
  • 9781590581162

    10 thoughts on “[Ebook] Grave Undertaking (Buryin Barry, #2) By Mark de Castrique –

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    GRAVE UNDERTAKING Amateur Sleuth Former Policeman VGMark de Castrique 2nd in seriesPoisoned Pen Press, 2004 HardcoverFormer policeman Barry Clayton now manages the family funeral parlor, in a small North Carolina town, for his father with Alzheimer s But when he oversees the moving of a grave and finds an extra body with a bullet hole in it s head, a gun by it s feet and the photograph of Barry s girlfriend in it s pocket, he employees the skills of his former career to find out why This is a very good series Barry is a fully dimensional character with strong family ties and good friends The sense of place is wonderfully done and dialogue is very true He provides an interesting look into the human side of the funeral business, which I very much enjoyed And, it s still a tight mystery with...

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    Grave Undertaking is heartwarming and will keep you reading Mark de Castrique deserves a larger audience.

  3. says:

    I love Barry Clayton and his family s funeral home.

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    In the run up to Christmas, the Clayton funeral home has to move a body to a different grave Unfortunately, they find a second body in the open grave Even unfortunately, the body has a picture of Barry Clayton s girlfriend Dr Susan Miller in a wallet, and a gun owned by Susan s father buried with it Former cop Barry and his pal, local sheriff Tommy Lee, investigate, although the cemetery is in an adjoining county and out of Tom...

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    Source LibraryPlot Barry has returned home from several years of police work to help with the family funeral business His father has Alzheimers and decisions have to be made While on at the graveyard with a local minister, the local minister unearths a murdered corpse on top of a burial vault A wallet in the murdered man s pocket reveals a photo that shocks Barry his girlfriend Susan s picture.Susan immediately becomes a suspect, and Barry is drawn into an unofficial inv...

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    Actually 3 1 2.Like a dope I was up all night reading this book One of the good things about retirement is that if you want to stay up all night reading you can.Here, Barry is moving a grave when another body turns up The other body turns out to be an ex boyfriend of Barry s girlfriend And he is found holding her her dad s gun So Barry is sucked into finding out what is going on and clea...

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    2nd book in the series, I really like the characters, even though the plot of this book didn t hold together that well in my opinion There are too many characters to try to keep straight, although the person I picked in the middle of the book to...

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    2 in the Buryin Barry series Barry Clayton returns to his family funeral home in Gainsville, NC from his Charlotte PD job after his father is stricken with Alzheimer s.Barry Clayton is disinterring one corpse when another is found on top of the vault The body is that of a NYC PI who had once had an affair with Barr...

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    This story of Buryin Barry is the 2nd in the series I love Barry s devotion to his family and how he supports his Mother as she tends to his Father who is suffering from early onset of Alzheimer s The discovery of a skeleton buried on top of another grave begins the road to a long undiscovered murd...

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    Likable, believable, ordinary characters that manage not to be boring That may not sound like much of an endorsement, but it is meant to be The mysteries are well crafted difficult to put together until the end, but not becau...

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