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★ After Party PDF / Epub ✪ Author Erin Nicholas –

After PartyWhat Exactly Happened Between Scott And Peyton On St Patrick S Day It S St Patrick S Day In Sapphire Falls Cop Scott Hansen S Least Favorite Holiday That Is, Until Peyton Wells, The Woman He Can T Get Out Of His Mind, Shows Up In A Skimpy Leprechaun Costume And Asks Him For A Ride Home.After A Couple Of Shots Of Irish Creme, Peyton Crawls Into The Backseat Of His Squad Car And Suddenly She S Opening Up To Him Resisting Her Is Hard Enough When She S Feisty And Sex On Heels But When She S Sweet And Vulnerable Yeah, He Doesn T Stand A Chance After Party, A Sapphire Falls After Hours Short Story.

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    Okay WOW This is one sweet, hot, and very sexy novella AFTER PARTY is a seductive introduction to Scott and Peyton that doesn t just tease, it leaves you in need You need of this couple Need to know where it goes from there Does Peyton get ...

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    This was my first book by Erin Nicholas, so I didn t know what to expect I picked it up mainly because I was looking for a very quick read, and this being a short story worked perfectly.It s all told in the hero s POV, which is sort of unusual but I enjoyed it However, this story is really just a prequel, a scene that gives a little insight into the hero s mind and the heroine s behavior but that ends with a sort of cliffhanger, as the two characters part without a happy ending I would say it s a happy for now, but there are miles to go before they get their happy ending, which presumably happens in the actual novel this story refers to.The sex scene left me a bit meh , mainly because the story is so short and the hero has been giving himself a pep talk for the duration of the ride home, that giving in at the end just for the sake of it felt like a 180 on his end and a bit like the author needed to include a sex scene just because, so she put it there He wanted to be the good and responsible cop, but then in the last few pages he throws everything out the window and he doesn t even care about the fact they re outside an...

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    I actually read this AFTER I already read Peyton and Scott s full romance I enjoyed getting insight into what happened on St Patrick s Day between these two because it was talked about so much in their book Had I read this before their book I know that it would have had me running ...

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    Super sexy prequel short to get you ready for the amazing new trio in the Sapphire Falls world.

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    Hot, quick teaser for her book After Hours Definitely a hot read

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    Just a taste of a budding relationship There are several typos that distracted me and my OCD tendencies as I was reading.

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    This was a good introduction to Scott and Peyton

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    I have just recently begun reading Erin Nicholas books and I picked this up as soon as heard about it It is the prequel to her new spin off Sapphire Falls series, Sapphire Falls After Dark It is a quick read that packs a punch I really liked that she told the story from the main male ch...

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