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[PDF] ✓ The Far River By Barbara Wood –

The Far RiverFor As Long As Anyone Could Remember, The Schallers And The Newmans Had Been Enemies When The Skeletal Remains Of A Victim Of Foul Play Are Discovered At The Schaller Estate, A Decades Old Feud Between The Rival Winemaking Families Is Reignited And Dark Secrets Begin To See The Light Of Day Set Against The Lush Backdrop Of The Rolling Hills Of California S Central Coast, The New York Times Best Selling Author Barbara Wood S Thirtieth Novel Is A Generation Spanning Saga Of Love, Treachery, And Bitterly Held Grudges.

[PDF] ✓ The Far River By Barbara Wood –
  • Hardcover
  • The Far River
  • Barbara Wood
  • 13 April 2019
  • 9781683367659

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    In 1977 Colleen McCullough took the reading world by storm with the publication of her epic doomed family saga romance, The Thorn Birds, a book that resulted in readers clamoring for family sagas Barbara Wood was one of my top authors to recommend to library patrons, especially Domina, the historical saga of a woman doctor Over the years family sagas fell out of favor but Wood remained true to the genre and her latest did not disappoint The Far River, follows a family that immigrated from Germany to California with the dream of starting a winery The story flips between the early 1900s with the family s trials and tribulations and contemporary time with the discovery of a body found in a remote winery building during the sale of the property The story is rife with forbidden love, family feuding, and hidden secrets, along with a few twists along the way The central California coast near Santa Barbara setting is a...

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    I love Barbara Wood s books This one did not disappoint It was an interesting history of the wine country and immigrants to California.

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    This is a family saga It spans decades of lies, deceit, grudges and love, like only a good family saga can do The story starts with a bang The finding of skeletal remains behind a wall at the winery opens many questions Who is it Who put the body there What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive It rotates between two narrators, Clara and her great, great granddaughter, Nicole I enjoyed these strong willed women Clara especially, she is a tough lady determined to overcome Whether it s rape or prohibition, Clara lets nothing get in her way Like I said, the story begins with a great mystery but then, it drags a little I did skip a few pages in the beginning I got tired of hearing about all of Clara s work, her washing, her hauling water, her cooking This went on for several pages I almost put it down I am glad I didn t The tale picks up and weaves a novel fraught with family betrayals and lies I have not read Barbara Wood in years I have ...

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    Note This book was provided free of charge by Edelweiss Ingram Publisher Services I was unable to finish this book due to technical problems relating to hard drive failure and the fact that the book expired This is not a reflection of any failure on the part of the novelist herself, as this book is about 450 pages long and is a classic example of literary fiction 1 dealing with generations of a dysfunctional family marked by violence and estrangement Those who want to read a gripping tale about a California winery and its troubled history will find much of interest here, as this is a well written novel that I simply ran out of time to read and had technical issues far beyond my control, just as I was getting into the swing of things and pondering some of the mysteries that the novelist had presented so far, which was definitely a dysfunctional family.At least as far as I was able to read the story, there were two parallel plots One is the story of the last member of a family of vintners who is trying to sell her family winery and make a new start somewhere else beyond the oppressive burden of her past when a dead body is found in the wall of the winery Obviously, this sparks a great deal of mystery The parallel plot is the story of a young woman who m...

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    Long Held Secrets and Murder in the California Wine CountryA family saga starts in Germany and moves to the wine country of California The Schallers and the Newmans are part of a group of German settlers who immigrate to California in the early 1900s As a whole, the group prospers and in the present day, the town they founded, in addition to making wine, is a tourist attraction Nicole Schaller is the last descendant of the original Schaller family She s torn She loves the valley and the vineyards, but she wants to be her own person and believes that she can t be herself with the shadow of her family hanging over her She s trying to sell the vineyards, but when showing prospective buyers the property, a skeleton is found in the wall of the barrel room All Nicole wants is to get the police off the property so she can continue making arrangements to sell Then if a skeleton weren t bad enough, Lucas Newman arrives The Newmans and the Schallers are bitter enemies Lucas and Nicole haven t spoken for years, but now the skeleton forces the families to face the secrets that made them become enemies I love the setting of this story on the central California coast near Santa Barbara The atmosphere is perfectly rendered for both the 1900s story and the prese...

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    It s been a long time since I ve seen a book by Barbara Wood, but she used to be one of my favorite authors This book does not live up to my memories of her historical novels, but it was nice to see that she is still writing.This was a family saga spanning 100 years in the fictitious Largo River wine growing region of California, near Santa Barbara The main family was from Germany and immigrated with a group of other Germans who settled in the same valley The story follows all these immigrants to the current day, but of course the main characters are from the Schaller family which split into two warring factions, Schaller and Newman, early on in the story.The current buzzword in novels is secrets and this tome has plenty of them Another hot theme in today s pop fiction is lies and this saga has plenty of those, too.Th...

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    Barbara Wood tells a family saga that is full of deceit, anger and estrangement We follow the families from the time they emigrate to America from Germany to the present day when the family feud is still strong in the young generation This is a sweeping saga of wine and family in California.The Schallers and the Newmans are part of a group of German settlers who immigrate to California in the early 1900s Two brothers and one wife come to America with the plans of growing grapes and starting a winery When a tragic misunderstanding occurs, the brothers become estranged and the estrangement lasts to present day In the present day part of the novel, a skeleton is found in the wall of building at the winery owned by Nicole Schaller, the last remaining member of her family As the police try to figure out whose body was found, Nicole and Lucas Newman, one of the last remaining member of the Newman family are forced to spend time together Will the feud continue or will Nicole and L...

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    Barbara has long been one of my top 10 favorite Authors, so I m always extremely eager to read her newest offering and this was no exception I relished the easy flow between the early 20th century through to current time and appreciated learning about the journey of German immigrants pre World War I to the US and the incredible amount of perseverance and courage in not only beginning life in a new country and culture but starting a vineyard I enjoyed the 20th century Narrator than I did the 21st century one since her character development was limited Although it was a decent mystery, unfortunately, it wasn t as complex as I am accustomed to with a Writer of Barbara s caliber I did like the issue of Mexican farm workers being raised in this novel, with all the ugliness happening at present However, I wished that she had created a character with a voice, so that there was an account of their experience in comparison to the other characters, since they are imm...

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    At 422 pages, The Far River, by Barbara Wood is longer than most books I read It was worth reading though, because it ended up being one of my all time favorites This book follows the two Scaller brothers Wilhelm and Johann who leave Germany in 1912, settle in California, have families and continue to operate wineries in the present The main characters in this book are well developed and easy to imagine I especially liked Clara I live in Northern CA, and my grandfather came to CA from Denmark so this book was very easy for me to relate to This saga has lots of family drama long held secrets, jealousy, deceit, lies, fighting, competition, estrangement, abandonment, love triangles, de...

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    Klasick rodinn s ga v jedn knize Nap nav p b h dvou znep telen ch rod , klenouc se od za tku 20 stolet do sou asnosti, do n ho zlehka promlouvaj i historick ud losti ob v lky, hospod sk krize, st vky mexick ch d ln k Hlavn m plusem rom nu jsou samoz ejm postavy a jejich propleten vztahy, a pak tajemstv , kter se ten i odhal a v z v re n ch str ...

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