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An Indecent Wager For Debt Ridden Deana Herwood, Losing A Hand Of Cards To The Wealthy Lord Rockwell Is Bad Enough When He Proposes That She Settle Her Loss To Him By Spending The Night With Him, She Finds Herself Caught In A Bind But That Isn T Even The Most Outrageous Proposition He Has In Store For Her

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    FREE on today 1 7 2018

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    She Cried More Mote More This Novella is Quick, sexy, intense,and will leave you wanting The book takes less than an hour to read Loved the characters The story once again takes place in a gaming hell where young and beautiful Deana plays cards She is the breadwinner for her fatherless family Deana gets in a card game with a devilishly naughty looking and dominant acting Lord Rockwell , and she loses to him the sum of Fifty pounds He suggestively suggests a way for her to pay her debt to h...

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    Short regency erotica.

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    I found this a good book A short story about desire.

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    Super short story 3 chapters that end at 60% of a woman paying off a gambling debt with a night of sex Seems of an excerpt than even a short story Pointless The writing itself was just ok.

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    This note appears inside the book.NOTE For a wicked version of this story, try Submitting to Lord Rockwell by Em Brown.It is NOT recorded on the page, so it s not until AFTER you ve got the title and opened it, that you even see the note frowns I ve read the other title More wicked Okay I m confused why publish a sweet version of the SAME story under a different author name Also Lord Rockwell is listed as book 1 of the Chateau Debauchery series on kindle and book 2 on Kobo and GR and this title is listed as book 3 frowns harder Goes off to check And it isn t sweet as I thought the difference is in the spanking Otherwise it s the same And the Indecent Wager less raunchy one still has ropes and refers to spanking that took place and has been edited out, so it makes no sense You get the aftercare but not the spanking.Plus, the book stops at 60% and the rest is an excerpt of another story The heroine of that story is Ms Sherwood, when the heroine of this one is Ms Herwood.I mean ffs It s in the SAME title.Same publisher so its not that they ve bought back their rights or something.Plus, the two author names are not listed as pseudonyms.And the works are EXACTLY the same.See She glanced into his fac...

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    A Sensual TaleLord Halston Rockwell offers Deana Herwood a night of pleasure to pay off her gambling debt to him She thinks it is a simple task, to lift her skirt and be done with it But she soon learns Rockwell is a skilled lover who has particular tastes For a night, Rockwell will teach her body what it craves The banter between these two is delicious, and Deana proves she is not a wilting flower which intrigues Rockwell even He s also surprised how delectable Ms Herwood is and that he is about to break his own rules I love how feisty Deana is and shows Rockwell that though she is cautious, she can t resist the promise of pleasure she will experience at his hands An Indecent Wager is the sensual version of Submitting To Lord Rockwell in the Chateau Debauchery Starter set But their story...

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    This is like a novella or a short story You should be 18 or older The story revolved around Deana and Lord Halsten Rockwell They are gambling and Dean loses her bet She can not cover the wager Lord Rockwell offers her a different repayment option She accepts The different option does not require money she gambles to support herself, her mother and her grandmother The story is about seduction and who is doing the seducing This story will draw you in and you will wan...

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    the most important part of the book was suppose to her punishment , however there was no mention of him flogging her until the conclusion It seemed to be a last minute addition instead of just leaving it that he tied her up and played with her body That ad...

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    Read as part of a freebieI got this as a freebie under Em Brown s name and thought that version was a sample for the full story, turns out I was wrong that was it I enjoyed reading it but kinda felt like there was story to tell Hope I find just like this.

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