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[Epub] With a Kiss and a Prayer (Beach View Boarding House/Cliffehaven #14) By Ellie Dean –

With a Kiss and a Prayer (Beach View Boarding House/Cliffehaven #14) Cliffehaven, May 1944Peggy Reilly Is Enjoying A Rare Moment Alone In The Garden Of Her Beach View Boarding House Against The Now Familiar Backdrop Of Squadrons Roaring Overhead And The Wireless Humming, It Seems Both Impossible That War Continues, And Yet Inconceivable That It Will Ever Come To An End.Meanwhile Ron Reilly Is Headed To His Grandson S Send Off, Ahead Of The Awaited Allied Invasion But When The Celebrations Get Out Of Hand, Ron Lands Himself In Hot Water With His Sweetheart Rosie And This Time His Irish Charm Won T Be Enough To Get Him Off The Hook.And As Much As Peggy Tries To Keep The Peace In Cliffehaven, She Can T Work Miracles With Family, Friends And Her Evacuee Chicks Scattered Across The World, The War Has Forever Changed The Lives Of Those She Loves It Will Take A Strong Spirit To Ensure That Love Triumphs Over The Heartache Around Them.

[Epub] With a Kiss and a Prayer (Beach View Boarding House/Cliffehaven #14)  By Ellie Dean –
  • Paperback
  • 480 pages
  • With a Kiss and a Prayer (Beach View Boarding House/Cliffehaven #14)
  • Ellie Dean
  • 08 October 2019
  • 9781784758110

    10 thoughts on “[Epub] With a Kiss and a Prayer (Beach View Boarding House/Cliffehaven #14) By Ellie Dean –

  1. says:

    I ve read all the books in this series and enjoyed them as I did this one, however, I didn t think it was as good as the previous books I loved meeting Peggy again and Ron, Harvey and Queenie are still my favorite trio up to their usual shenanigans Once again Ron has let Rosie down and spends most of the book unsure of what s happening to their relationship Peggy is trying to keep them all going at Beach View and still having run ins with her snooty sister Doris and with her sister in law Pauline in this story.There were chapters which dealt with the war in Burma, where Jim is stationed and I enjoyed these as my Uncle fought out there at that time.Some things irritated me in this one Doris is just becoming wearisome at this point Peggy would stand up to Hitler himself if any of her immediate family or girls boarding with her were in trouble, yet...

  2. says:

    My latest visit to the Beach View Boarding House was brilliant as always This is a series you can depend on, the familiar strong characters, the wonderful location and the lovely storytelling of Ellie Dean, what could you want Looking forward to the next book which is out in August.

  3. says:

    Beach viewAnother excellent book about my favourite people Peggy, Ron, Cordelia, all the young ones I feel as if they are my neighbours I love Ron s exploits you never know what he is getting up to And Jim it brings home the war in Burma Lookin...

  4. says:

    Great seriesThis is a good light fictional story of historical events in England during World WarII I recommend the entire 15 book series.

  5. says:

    I only discovered the Cliffehaven series last year when I read the previous book, The Waiting Hours and settling into With a Kiss and a Prayer was like meeting up with an old friend again New readers to the series shouldn t be concerned however, Ellie Dean ensures that enough back story is included to make it easy to catch up I may not have had the pleasure of experiencing the long story arc in full but nevertheless the books I written in such a way that I couldn t help but become invested in the characters lives.It s now 1944 and as the tide finally seemed to be turning against the Nazis, families are glued to their wirelesses to hear news of the latest victories in Europe, particularly in Italy The sense of anticipation and longing in the war weary country, desperate for news of the Allied invasion of France is almost palpable Meanwhile though, life goes on and the day to day concerns of the inhabitants of Cliffehaven and the residents of Beach View Boarding House in particular become interwoven with their deeper worries for the country and their loved ones Sagas set during t...

  6. says:

    Another fabulous book from Ellie Dean in the Beach View Series and i have to say i know the end is coming but will cry when it does.This series of books have followed the reilly family through the war in their every day lives.All the new faces that have be...

  7. says:

    Really enjoyed this book took along time to read as lots to process because of the twists and turns of the character s

  8. says:

    It s hard to believe that I have now read fourteen books in this series The characters and the town of Cliffehaven now feel like old friends This installment did not disappoint, as it focused on all those old friends rather than introducing new characters It is now the spring of 1944, and everyone can tell that the Allies are preparing for an invasion of France, but no one knows when or where it will happen This leads to a great deal of worry and tension, as almost everyone has loved ones that will be affected As well, people are dealing with the continuing hardships of the war, including rationing, travel restrictions, and lack of communication with loved ones Added to all this is the fact that many complicated relationships have been formed as a result of the war Much of the focus of this novel is the personal problems of the various characters, with the war as a backdrop and sometimes causative factor for those problems This gives the book a bit of a soap opera feel, as there are many story lines involving relationship drama running at the same time, and a generous dose of humor and improbability Surprisingly this approach works very well, in spite of feeling somewhat di...

  9. says:

    BrilliantYet again I couldn t put this down Have read the story of Peggy right from the start and now can t wait for her next one So full of life with its ups and downs One minute I feel really sad and the next laughing at the antics of Ron and Harvey and now Queenie is starting to join them Poor Danuta and what she went through to help during the war The hours of research are incredible to tell the story of what went on to save this country from the Nazis How Peggy copes with the rationing an...

  10. says:

    I read the entire 15 book series and preordered the final book which is due out in Jan 2019 I read a lot about this period so sometimes want something a little lighter and this is where this series comes in The characters are entertains and fast changing but with an uplifting end to each of their stories,you can also enjoy the boarding house setting throughou...

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