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[PDF / Epub] ✩ Young Leafs ☉ Gare Joyce –

Young Leafs An In Depth And Behind The Scenes Look At How Auston Matthews And A Gang Of Talented Young Hockey Players Are Breaking From Toronto S Troubled Sporting Past And Rekindling The City S Love For Its Team.Auston Matthews Made History On October 12, 2016 By Becoming The First Player In The Modern Game To Score Four Goals In His NHL Debut It Was A Momentous Occasion For The Talented Young All Star, But It Was Equally Important For His Newly Adopted City And Its Storied, Century Old Team.That Night Marked The Dawn Of A New Era For The Toronto Maple Leafs The Team Had A Long And Colourful History, And It Had Always Been Foundational To The City S Image But Years Of Losing Seasons Had Tarnished The Team S Reputation And Left Even The Most Diehard Fans Questioning Their Loyalty It Seemed That Each Passing Year Brought Of The Same Mediocrity, Heartbreak, Disappointment.But The Team S Management Had A Plan, One That Would Take Them Where Others Feared To Go A Total Rebuild Piece By Piece, They Were Assembling A Group Of Young, Talented Players Who Would Reshape The Team With The Arrival Of Auston Matthews, The Team S First Overall Draft Pick In Over Twenty Years, It Seemed That The Leafs Were Ready To Break With Their Past Young Leafs Follows The Team Through That Remarkable Season, Tracing The Divergent Journeys Of The Players Leading Up To Their Unlikely Campaign Matthews The Prodigy With The Unorthodox Path To The NHL Marner The Baby Faced Talent With Immense Skill And An Infectious Energy Nylander The Son Of A Former Hockey Professional, Now Looking To Make His Own Mark Reilly The Youngster With The Mind Of A General Kadri The Maturing Leader Once Billed As The Team S Saviour.As The Ups And Downs Of The Season Unfold, The Team Tries To Overcome The Ghosts Of Its Past And Write A New Future, One That Is Far From Certain Can A Group Of Precocious Kids Bond Together And Become Winners Will They Be Able To Carry The Hopes Of A City Most Important, Will Toronto Finally Have A Reason To Believe Again

[PDF / Epub] ✩ Young Leafs  ☉ Gare Joyce –
  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • Young Leafs
  • Gare Joyce
  • 03 March 2018
  • 9781501169878

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    Being gifted a copy of this book over the Christmas season, there was admittedly a small part of me who questioned is there really enough here already for a full length book As it turns out, the answer is a resounding yes.Written by Gare Joyce, one of Canada s best sportswriters who seems to elevate everything he touches, Young Leafs takes fans through the roller coaster ride that was the surprising 2016 2017 NHL season where the storied Toronto Maple Leafs franchise, beginning a rebuild that featured many rookies, made a historic and unprecedented run to the NHL playoffs.The book details the hockey upbringing of Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, William Nylander, Nikita Zaitsev, and Zach Hyman Just as remarkable as the run to the playoffs is the way in which these talents took many different roads to make it to the NHL, but also seemed to converge together at just the right time.There s the stories of Matthews and Marner, who even though they seemed destined for success, still took winding roads to end up where they are There s the story of Nylander, a hot shot kid who brings a family pedigree which is equal parts blessing and curse.Then there is perhaps the lesser known stories...

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    This book was entertaining for reliving the 16 17 season with the leafs, although watching it was better The small background stories of some players was informative in some ways.

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    Review found on Hockey Blog in Canada

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    Okay, so there s nothing really objectionable about this book although I have no attachment to Matthews so the first 70 or so pages were a hard slog , and I mostly read this because I do have an attachment to Marner And the thing is, if you want to know a lot about Matthews, a little about Marner and Nylander, a smidge about Brown and Hyman, this book delivers Otherwise, it s somewhat of a letdown There s no real insight to how the team came together obviously this is not one of those books written with unprecedented access , so you re left with a journalist s recounting, whi...

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