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[Download] ➾ This Scorched Earth ➹ William Gear –

This Scorched Earth The Hancocks Of Arkansas Were True American Pioneers Tough, Enterprising, Eager To Make Their Own Destinies.Then Came The Civil War, The Deadly, Murderous Conflict That Sundered The Bonds Between Brothers, Destroyed Most Of A Generation, And Cast The Hancocks To The WindsAgainst This Bloody Backdrop, Filled With The Ravages Of War And The Struggle To Rebuild, William Gear Draws His Readers Irresistibly Into The Hopes, Dreams, And Despairs Of The Hancock Siblings Philip, The Doctor Whose Life Is Destroyed Upon His Return Home Butler, The Teacher Whose Path Leads To Mysticism And Insanity Billy, Who Fails To Protect His Mother And Sister And, In His Guilt, Becomes A Monster And Sarah, The Stunning Beauty Who Flees West To Reinvent Herself After Surviving A Brutal Attack.Through The Tragedies And Triumphs Of A Single Family, This Sprawling Epic Shows How Ordinary People Deal With Unimaginable Devastation, And How The Bonds Of Family Can Never Truly Be Broken.

[Download] ➾ This Scorched Earth  ➹ William Gear –
  • Hardcover
  • 704 pages
  • This Scorched Earth
  • William Gear
  • 01 October 2018
  • 9780765382368

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    This is a big book with a big story to tell Following a prominent Arkansas farming family from 1861 through 1868, the Civil War is the centerpiece of this novel This is not a sugar coated portrayal of the Civil War The butchery, madness, murder, violation and starvation of both sides civilian and military are quite sobering Butler furnishes a you are there view of the battles at Shiloh and Chickamauga which eventually push him over the edge of sanity There s a little Carlos Castaneda present in Butler s story Philip Doc tries to save as many people as possible on and off the battlefield The carnage is beyond imagining Their sister, Sarah, does everything she can do just to survive and many of the things she does would never have entered her mind prior to the war The youngest sibling, Billy, unable to cope with what he felt was a tremendous failure bec...

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    William Gear s This Scorched Earth is a terrific novel of the Civil War and post Civil War period I meant to provide this brief review after I finished the novel in January or February of this year, but failed to do so He focuses on a family from Arkansas and follows them through that tumultuous time Gear and his wife have collaborated over the past...

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    This Scorched Earth by William Gear William Gear is not a new name to historical fiction and with connections to his famous historical fiction books Coyote Summer, and the Morning River, this is a magnum opus of stories The dynamic characters bring these controversy to prominence, drawing the reader into changing their mind of the history we learned in school He dives right into the conflict and controversy of the Civil war Not from the Northern or the Southern opinion but from the good men and women affected by a war they did not want to join the battle for ideals He defines his characters as a family that does not agree with slavery Yet they find themselves forced to rationalize it in defense of their home His characters are affected profoundly by the politics, and effects of the war William Gear looks at so many parts and controversies of the turbulent history connected to this battle for freedom, life and choice The Civil War was a battle of wills, ideals, and controversy that made men fight battles against violent, diversive ideals that tore at the fabric of America Its ...

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    Gripping Brutal Loved it Not since Lonesome Dove was I moved by a piece of historical fiction so much Now off to re read Gear s Spider trilogy

  5. says:

    Interesting theme tracing three brothers and a sister from western Arkansas through the Civil War Story concludes in 1868 Denver.

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    I was at the airport waiting for my flight when I realized I d left the book I was reading at home, so I picked this book from the store shelf and started reading it I should confess that I really enjoyed reading the whole thing during my whole trip This is a must read Civil War epic, in my opinion I couldn t stop reading it and I think the realistic view of William Gear makes it truly intriguing War can ruin anyone and anything as we all ...

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    This book was droning The Civil War part, that s 300 pages Then our characters are off on meaningless and pointless travels west It becomes completely wrapped up in everyone s sex lives, and there isn t any kind of hero s journey Our characters aren t learning, they aren t growing, and we just have to keep moving 700 pages is too long for a book that isn t world building The battles and war are skimmed over so we can get to these travels west.I wasn t a fan of the war story either The south is pretty much reduced to WE WANT SLAVES Except for our protagonists, they re inexplicably different, and they will continue to remind you of that We never see west of Tennessee, or General Lee, who was one of the greatest military minds in all of history Two of our characters have nothing to do with the war, a third is a doctor, and the fourth becomes an officer because he read classic books The officer is in three battles before being...

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    A very compelling read I love historic fiction because it tells us about the events we learned in history class through the lens and experience of an individual William Gear has mastered this in his novel bringing an interesting, at times heartbreaking, and captivating perspective on the Civil War.

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    I thought the details about life at the time were interesting The characters seemed like caricatures than real people.

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    Huge Epic The Civil War brought HOME I have studied war for many years I read, then re read the heart of this novel As an empath I can say William Gear has done something no one has ever done He had me living a book First person The colors, sights, smells, sounds, and taste All turns to unknown ,things change quickly, strange happening, adrenaline, fear, revulsion, abuse, pain, fire and death No one has control when it s over The children of the Hancock family move on to find whatever peace they can in a post war world t...

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