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DésiréeThe Stunning, Massively Bestselling Story Of Napoleon S First Fianc First Published In 1953, This Riveting True Life Tale Comes To Life In Diary Form, Giving Readers An Inside Glimpse At The Young Napoleon And His Family D Sir E Is Enchanted By The Young Officer, And He Asks Her To Marry Him But He Must Leave For Paris, Where He Meets His Eventual Wife Josephine A Heartbroken D Sir E Is Unsure She Ll Ever Find Anyone Again A Love Story, But So Much , D Sir E Is The Tale Of A Simple Merchant S Daughter Who Ends Up With A Kind Of Royalty She Never Expected An Unforgettable Story Just Waiting To Be Reborn.

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    D sir e Desiree, Annemarie SelinkoEug nie Bernardine D sir e Clary 8 November 1777 17 December 1860 , in Swedish officially Eugenia Bernhardina Desideria, was Queen of Sweden and Norway as the consort of King Charles XIV John a former French General and founder of the House of Bernadotte , mother of Oscar I, and one time fianc e of Napoleon Bonaparte She officially changed her name there to Desideria, which she did not use herself 2005 1335 652 1378 1391 1394 9786001217227 1370 1372 1374 304 1377 720 9646552218 1379 7...

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    Maybe this book is not a literary masterpiece, but its pages have become like old friends over time.When I was a teenager this book was passed on to me by my mother, who had also read it when she was my age The pages are now littered with the teenage dreams of two generations, I guess.At the heart of this novel stands one of the lesser known love stories of the 18 19th Century, that of young D sir e Clary who falls desperately in love with dashing soldier Napoleone Buonaparte But when Napol on, as he will become known, leaves her for Paris and the charms of one Jos phine, D sir e s journey only just begins Spoilers ahead, but only if you re not a history buffWhile her and Napol on s paths recross through the years, D sir e falls in love with one of the Emperors generals, who will end up becoming the Swedish king Jean Baptiste Bernadotte The Swedish royals to this day carry the name BernadotteThe book has its cheesy moments, undoubtedly But it does tell a real story, albeit with some embellishment on the side But what would a historical novel be without it Told as a diary, we read D sir e s deepest secrets and watch as she grows from impatient teenager, waiting for her life to begin, to wife, mother, crown prin...

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    D sir e is one of those old family favorites which I ve read many times and keep coming back to like an old friend It s the sweeping story of D sir e Clary, the daughter of a Marseilles silk merchant, from her early love for and engagement to Napoleon to her later marriage to French Marshal Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, who later became king of Sweden and D sir e queen D sir e herself is one of its chief charms as the book is in the form of an ongoing journal, everything is filtered through her sparkling, direct, and charming personality Historically, I find it largely convincing though I d still like to read a good biography of Bernadotte to see if her picture of him is accurate , particularly in the portrayal of Napoleon, who can easily turn into a caricature of himself if handled wrongly Selinko makes him entirely believable, as an egotistical tyrant, but also as a human being Although D sir e marries Bernadotte, it s he...

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