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[ EPUB ] ✼ Nickel (Fallen Lords MC, #1) Author Winter Travers –

Nickel (Fallen Lords MC, #1) Karmen S Life Has Been Anything But Easy After Growing Up Without Anyone Who Loved Her, She Finally Has The Quiet Simple Life She S Always Wanted At Least It Was Simple Until She Gave Into Nickel, A Member Of The Local MC, Who Had Been Chasing Her For Months Will Nickel Be Everything Karmen Has Wanted, Or Will Her Past Come Back To Haunt Her, Ruining Everything

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    Loved, loved, loved Nickel He was a great hero He did everything right in my book.Karmen was a pain in the ass At first, I thought she was the type of heroine I lovesweet, shy and awkward And while she was all those things, after a while her self deprecation and doubts just grated on my nerves She was constantly trying to push Nickel away because she couldn t see what he saw in her I was ready to take her and shake the shit out of her Everything he did showed her he was all about her I mean he tried to pursue her for a freaking year It was just annoying after a while Plus, I felt the whole conflict was resolved way too easy I would have liked to see that played out a little bit longer And, I would have liked to see her work on her relationship with her father Yeah I knowhe was in prison and why he...

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    Audiobook review Couldn t really connect with the characters Not my kind of alpha with some very exaggerated reactions to simple situations Not my kind of heroine with some annoying characteristics The plot was ok but i...

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    This review was originally posted on Books of My HeartReview copy was received from Publisher This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.attention There are a few solid sex scenes that come relatively fast but were hot.The bad.there was a lot for me I didn t fall in love with Nickel s alpha side It totally rubbed me the wrong way One minute, he is a sweet charming guy and then he is yelling at some guy because he tripped on their blanket while they were making out He ran so hot and cold and I had almost zero context on why There was little to no backstory on him and once he started dating Karmen, I don t think his grandmother he went to see every week was mentioned again.Everything moved so fast There was the date, the sex, sex and then bam theywere together and I m gonna put a baby in your belly There was a ridiculously short time between any of that to go from 0 to baby If Nickel had some deep need for family I didn t get enough backstory to feel it.There wasn t much tension in the story either I didn t get why Karmen cut her dad out so completely On page 1 she knows how mess...

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    Review Nickel Fallen Lords M.C on La Jersey Chika Reads Indie Books I received this book by the author in exchanged for an honest review, thank you so much to Winter Travers for the opportunity to read and review Nickel Fallen Lords M.C Series, Book 1 This is actually the first time I have read a book by Winter Travers and it won t be my last, I really like and enjoy Nickel a lot, I didn t love it per say But I thoroughly like and enjoy it a lot to continue on reading of this awesome Fallen Lords M.C Series Now I only read just a few M.C books and I was pleasantly surprise on how much I love this troupe It has become one of my favorite troupe so far in adult romance novels Nickel was totally different from the other M.C books I have read, which I absolutely like that aspect of the book Not to say I didn t love the other M.C books I read which I did love them But it is that Nickel was totally different from the other books which caught me off guard and kept me hooked line and sinker reading Nickel that I kept on thinking and about it when I put it down This book was always ...

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    Badass biker hero meets his dream girl and pursues her for a year I didn t notice any mention of ow so I would assume Hero was celibate since he met the heroine I liked the writing and the story better than Loving Lo Winter Travers popular MC book.

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    3.75Low angst, hot, fun, sweet MC romance Great hero who knew what he wanted and a sweet heroine Definitely want to read of this series view spoiler The reason I didn t quiet give it 4 stars is because with regards to the conflict suspense part of the book I like it when t...

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    Nickel was the first book in Winter Travers Fallen Lord s MC series.Nickel was a patched member of the Fallen Lord s MC He was close to his grandmother who was in a nursing home He lusted after his grandmother s nurse, Karmen, for a year until she finally agreed to go out with him Nickel was a typical gorgeous, protective and confident alpha that wasn t afraid to ask for or take what he wanted.Karmen had very few people in life who she counted on Her mom left her young, her dad was in prison and her grandmother was the wicked witch who raised her Trusting was not easy for her She was quiet to the outside world but humorous and feisty to her inner circle, which really only consisted of her childhood bestie.Travers built the foundation of the storyline developing the relationship between Karmen and Nickel Additionally, she had a suspenseful plot that involved Karmen s father that ultimately impacted Karmen Lastly, Travers weaved an MC saga into the mix, which will carry over as a secondary and overlapping story throughout the series The three plots ran independently but ultimately meshed into one....

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    3.5 StarsCute story, but with just enough suspense to make it interesting and believable HEA.

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    DNF 25%

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    Sweet and innocent meets ruthless and wild I ve been wanting to read this author for a while I ve got several of her books waiting on my kindle, but I decided to start with Nickel since it was the beginning of her new Fallen Lords MC series Yeah, I admit I m addicted to MC Romance, I can t resist a badass biker Karmen is a sweet likable character who tends to spend too much time in her own head After getting to know her, I can totally understand her tendency to compartmentalize everything that she can t handle She tried to fit Nickel into a box, but he resisted her attempts Refusing to get out of her head and stay on the shelf Preferring to tempt her with his sexy smirk and endless invitations to spend time with him Every week he visited his grandmother at the nursing home where she was a nurse Let me tell you, I wouldn t have lasted a week, much less almost a year But he did finally wear down her resistance until she finally agreed to attend an outdoor public event.Nickel isn t used to women refusing him, it s usually the other way around But watching Karmen take such good care of his grandmother softened his heart and made him want to spend time with her The fact that she had no idea how beautiful she was made her even attractive to ...

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