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BOOKS ✭ Who Murdered Dr. Damien? Author C.M. Blackwood –

Who Murdered Dr. Damien? Sex Murder It S All Inside Katie Throckmorton Is A Twenty Eight Year Old Alcoholic Pill Popping Writer From Boston At The Hind End Of A Quarter Life Crisis, Things Get Even Worse When Her Half Sister Falls Down A Staircase And Kills Herself Katie Is Blamed For Her Death, And She Ends Up At Greystone Asylum Soon After Katie Arrives At Greystone, However, People Start Getting Murdered By A Mysterious Figure In A Black Hood Strange To Say, That S Only The Tip Of The Iceberg The Warden Is Performing Shady Experiments The Doctors Are Sleeping With The Patients And The Doctors Are Sleeping With Each Other Katie Herself Is Attracted To A Female Psychiatrist Named Cora Halstead, And They Begin A Torrid Affair That Seems Like It Can T Possibly Have A Happy Ending What True Secrets Is This Old Hospital Hiding How Many People Will Be Killed By The Black Hooded Figure More Importantly Who S Hiding Under The Hood

    10 thoughts on “BOOKS ✭ Who Murdered Dr. Damien? Author C.M. Blackwood –

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    IntriguingThis was a very well written horror story and it kept you on the edge truly to figure out who dun it I thought it was incredibly well written.

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    Brilliant It is extremely difficult to review this book without giving something away I will comment on the writing It is edge of your seat incredible The characters are extremely well defined The reader feels as if she knows them all The descriptions of the settings made me see it all so clearly in my min...

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    didn t like it didn t find characters realistic before i finished it, I was hoping to be the next victim.

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    Not much to say without giving something away about the story or and a character The ending is somewhat suspect and therefore unsatisfactory I have to question the sanity of Katie s new girlfriend by the end of the book and leaves me feeling like I am glad this story is over It was a quick and smoot...

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    In Boston, twenty eight year old Katie Throckmorton finds herself returned to the home of her father and new stepmother after her five years as a kept woman come to a sudden halt when her older, wealthy lover throws her out of her home When being forced one Halloween night to babysit her daemonic, seven year old half sister Lockwood, an accident occurs which leads to the untimely demise of her hellspawn sibling, and criminal charges resulting in a long prison sentence are only avoided thanks to the political connections of Katie s father A six year term in Greystone Asylum is meted out, but what might appear on the surface to be a heaven sent reprieve in fact conceals the dark, duelling forces of murder and mayhem contained within The inmates of the asylum are alternately subjected to mysterious experiments or gruesome deaths, and only Katie has the power to unveil the identity of the secret perpetrators With the inside help of Cora, her doctor turned lover, Katie navigates the demented twists that will lead her to a stunning discovery shocking to her very soul.C M Blackwood s W...

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