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[PDF] ❤ THE WHITENOISE OF THE VALLEY DRONES (taking the see+nic root on a rough ride through any town Book 1) By C. Hunter –

THE WHITENOISE OF THE VALLEY DRONES (taking the see+nic root on a rough ride through any town Book 1) This Is A Story About The White Noise Of The Fascists Droning On And On And Dragging Everyone Down In To The Mire Where They Wallow Lamenting Losses They Never Had And Longing For Glory Days It S About The Monochrome Mono Tone Perspective That Drones On And On And Constantly Threatens To Bore In To Us All It S A Story About Denial That Threatens Us All As Our Shadowy Realms Grow And The Light Of Reason Is Snuffed Out It S The Story Of A People Who Are Surplus To Societies Needs And Are Brutalised And Brutal It S The Story Of The Last Half A Century In Leeds But It Could Be Any Town It S Not History , That S Their Story The1 Per Cent This Is Our Story The 99 Per Cent We Only Have One View And This Is It We Have Time Share On It And When We Don T See Through This Perspective We Fall In To Our Normal Vacant State And Our Historical Perspective Courses Through Us We Re All The Same And This Story Utilises Universal Aspects Of All Our Lives So That All The Events And Situations Present Everyone Will Have Been Through And Will Instantly Recognise And Be Able To Relate To No Matter Who You Are That S How Good This Is Buy In To It Now Read It Immediately There Is No Alternative , No Future And Our Horizons Have Collapsed To Meet Us And We Re Been Denied The Means To Exist And As We Are Shuffled In To Line We Shuffle Endlessly In To A Grim Future Where A Procession Of Processed People Slip Endlessly Away In To The Futility Of A Fated Existence Tragically Unaware They Are Free , They Are Condemned To Repeat The Past Endlessly ,pointlessly There Is No Exit , No Way Out Everyone Is Set Up For Life ,and Framed By The Fascists This Is The Story Of That Containment , Defiance Is Irrelevant And Becomes Merely An Image Or Style We Adopt As We Are Condemned To Join The Crowd And Take Our Place In The Meaningless Existence We Re Delivered To With No Future We Move On Endlessly In To It Anyway Like There Was No Way To Escape.

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