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Free ↠ Craft Mage (Eternal Queen Trilogy Book 1) By Briana Bates –

Craft Mage (Eternal Queen Trilogy Book 1) Keeravani Has Been Running For Much Of Her Life, But Kindness Will Be Her Undoing When Keeravani Decides To Aid A Succubus Who Has Somehow Become A Friend She Finds Herself Being Swept Up Into A Life She Thought Would Never Be Hers A Life She Never Wanted But Royalty Is A Life Sentence The King Is Dying The Leaons Are Corrupt Ierilo Is Bordering On Poverty Samere Has A Plan And She Fears That Her Choices Will Cause An Irreversible Rift Between Ierilo And The Angilerian Monarchy With The Help Of A Touchy Succubus Experiencing Love For The First Time A Water Mage Who Wants To Marry A Queen The Palace Enchantress That She S Sure Isn T Human And Her Three Advisers All New To Their Positions Keeravani Is Going To Have Free Ierilo Of Corruption And Push Towards Posterity.

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    I decent follow upThis is the second book of the series and though good fell short of the first in flushing out details The stort almost feels rushed and I felt the romance though secondary wasn t built as well neither was the plot Now, it did set the stage for the next one but I just didn t connect as well On top of thatthis kingdom is basically ruled by immortalsi fail to see how this can end well for anyone else.Regardless...

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    I d give it a 3.5 It was between ok and good, but not great It started strong but then towards the middle there were some, I thought, jumps in the story regarding the new Water Mage and some extra long fl...

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    A second trip to a magical mystical world.Did I love book 1 about the garden mage Absolutely Was I as swept off my feet by book 2 and the craft mage No question This writer has a lovely skill and wondrous imagination Proofreading, editing and basic rules of grammar would makes these books shine brightly Some readers freak out and rant However, self publishing authors don t always have access to editing resources I relax and enjoy the ride.The book s setting is striking The magical beings are a joy to behold The love story is achingly heartfelt Keer and Dahni brin...

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    AmazingThis book and world are incredible I love the depth of the characters and all the intricacies I really can t wait for the next one

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