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Read ➱ Finding Him (Covet, #2) Author Rachel Van Dyken –

Finding Him (Covet, #2) A Novel About A Shattered Family, Broken Hearts, And Healing Love By Rachel Van Dyken, The Number One New York Times Bestselling Author Of Stealing Her Coming Out Of A Coma Was One Hell Of A Wake Up Call While I Was In The Dark, My Estranged Twin Brother, Bridge, Had Replaced Me In The Company I Owned And Swept Up My Fianc E In The Takeover With My Ruthless Reputation, Can I Blame Them For Falling In Love I Have To Look Long And Hard At Where I Ve Been And Where I M Headed Alone Time The Universe Has Other PlansOur Family S Secluded Vermont Cabin Comes With A Gorgeous If At First, Unwelcoming Surprise She S Renter Keaton Westbrook, A Social Media Superstar Struggling With Her Own Private Grief As A Winter Storm Bears Down, We Ve Found Something To Keep Us Warm An Intimacy Neither Of Us Expected And Both Of Us NeedAfter We Say Goodbye, What Happens Then Keaton And I Are Longing To Reconcile With Our Painful Pasts I Can T Bear To Do It Without Her Is It Too Much To Ask Of Fate To Give Us A Second Chance At Life And Love

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    3 4 stars 3 Such a great read, it was emotional at some point, fun , sexy and heartwarming I find the story refreshing and fast paced.I adored the characters and I love the romance and how it started This one was such a nice surprise , I didn t expect to like it so much Both Julian and Keaton are grieving the way they connected was nice.Julian was a great hero, I loved him and I believe he was perfect for Keaton He was exactly what she needed Overall, it was a great read, I enjoy it

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    I hadn t read a Rachel Van Dyken book in awhile prior to Finding Him Although I haven t read the first book in the Covet series, I enjoyed this one enough that I would go back and read the first book Keaton and Julian were both really likable characters I especially liked Julian and was rooting for him as a reformed playboy jerk Finding Him is about two people grieving the loss of loved ones who find themselves snowed in in a remote cabin together An unlikely bond forms while they are stuck in the cabin depending on each other and they find themselves at peace in a way they haven t been in a long time This was about finding both themselves again and each other while learning to move on with their lives I didn t pull an all nighter for this one and there were no crazy twists or surprises but it was a good read.

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    We are all villains in someone else s story Just give me Julian s book already Why do I always root for the underdog

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    Coming out of a coma was one hell of a wake up call While I was in the dark, my estranged twin brother, Bridge, had replaced me in the company I owned and swept up my fianc e in the takeover With my ruthless reputation, can I blame them for falling in love I have to look long and hard at where I ve been and where I m headed Alone time The universe has other plans.Our family s secluded Vermont cabin comes with a gorgeous if at first, unwelcoming surprise She s renter Keaton Westbrook, a social media superstar struggling with her own private grief As a winter storm bears down, we ve found something to keep us warm an intimacy neither of us expected and both of us need.After we say goodbye, what happens then Keaton and I are longing to reconcile with our painful pasts I can t bear to do it without her Is it too much to ask of fate to give us a second chance at life and love

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    Rachel Van Dyken has done it again Not only did I fall in love with these characters but I stayed up all night reading this book.First let s talk about the big elephant in the room, Julian After reading the first book in this series, I didn t think I would love Julian I figured I might like him because of character growth but I loved him I think seeing his perspective and the way he thinks just really connected us to him The grief of losing his mother and fiancee in a short amount of time was done beautifully because I cried From the first book we know the relationship Bridge and Julian have with their father, but this book just showed how much they love their mother and the heartbreak that Julian is going through losing her Now Keaton, my beautiful knife skilled goddess From the beginning, we instantly connect and love Keaton Her grief over losing Noah really connects you to her and makes you want to cry because I did Her witty banter and her comebacks had me rolling At the end, she made me want to take this book and smack her on the back of her head I get that losing Noah was big but throughout this entire story she was remembering him saying he wanted her to be happy So Dear Keaton, BE HAPPY There was only thing that I didn t like and that was Keaton and Noah s love story in the chapters Once Noah died, Keaton was offered a book deal to write about their story When Julian and Keaton got stuck in the cabin, they started writing the book together.Honestly, I kind of didn t care about Keaton and Noah s love story I get that it s supposed to connect you to Keaton and her grief but when I was reading it, I just skimmed those sections Which is bad and should be illegal However, this is a personal thing so I don t recommend it I usually don t read the moments when the main character is remembering someone who died because it either makes me bored and want to put the book down and do something else or takes me out of the story But in the end, I still loved this book The witty banter between Julian and Keaton will have you dying of laughter The grief and pain they go through will make you cry But most importantly, reading them save each other will make you love this book and them.

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    After reading the first book in the Covet series, Stealing Her, I wasn t really sure I wanted to read Julian s story However, while I liked Stealing Her, I absolutely loved Finding Him Once I started reading this book, I didn t stop until I had finished because I was so wrapped up in the story.When we last saw Julian, he had just awoken from a coma to find that his twin brother was marrying his fianc and had taken his place in the family company He did reunite with his mom, but she dies shortly after and he s struggling with his grief Bridge suggests a trip to their family cabin so Julian to could try to get peace and heal.Keaton Westbrooke is dealing with grief of her own She was a social influencer who had fallen in love with a cancer patient, Noah and she was supposed to be writing their story She rented the Tennyhill cabin because that s where Noah had always wanted to visit When Julian shows up, they hate each other immediately, but after being forced to spend time together at the cabin due to a blizzard, feelings begin to change and Julian offers to help Keaton write her book.This was truly a redemption story for Julian You began to understand his actions in Stealing Her and you could see why he was so broken When he began helping Keaton write her story, he found his peace and was able to grieve his mom and rediscover his true self The Julian that was revealed was swoonworthy.Writing the book helped Keaton grieve Noah and come to terms with his death, but she was still afraid of what people thought about her I loved watching her evolve and become stronger I ll admit I was also frustrated with her at times as well.Finding Him was a wonderful story of redemption and two people coming together despite their grief The story comes full circle and the ending was perfection I highly recommend this book.ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    I never read the first book in the Covet series but I absolutely loved this one I will definitely be purchasing the first book and I truly hope I enjoy it as much as I did this one This story was sweet, steamy, romantic, funny, heartfelt and so much Keaton and Julian s back and forth banter was entertaining and I enjoyed a couple of good laughs at their antics It took a minute for me to warm up to the idea of Bridge and Izzy because of what they did but eventually I did and I enjoyed them a lot One of the hardest things about losing a loved one is being able to move on, and with the feeling as if the whole world is judging you it makes it even harder This was a story of two people grieving, a chance meeting and a second chance at love It s a story that s definitely worth reading and one I ll be recommending to family and friends.

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    What a shocker i liked it very, very much.I have to say that whenever i see a new book of Rachel van Dyken my finger automatically finds the buy now button wavesalittlefangirlflag So after reading Stealing her , the first installement in this series, i had to also have Finding him.And it was even better than the first one.The story between Julian and Keaton, their tragic past, the dark side of the media and how the together overcome their fear and guilt was really beautiful Sure the ending is a little bit on the fairytale side therefore only 4 stars , but hey who doesn t need some fairy dust Thanks Rachel and keep on hitting the keys flagwavingagain

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    I loved book 1 in the Covet series so much, and because I wasn t particularly fond of Julian in the first book I wasn t expecting to like Julian s story nearly as much How wrong I was I think I loved Finding Him , if that s possible I loved that Julian disappeared to his family s cabin to lick his wounds, and ended up stranded during a blizzard with Keaton, an uninvited guest I loved the story, I loved that they were both grieving and used each other to heal I loved all the coincidences, I loved their banter some creatively funny moments , I loved their honesty with each other, and I loved that the majority of the story was just them, cocooned together, healing together and sharing their experiences The story which, by the way, can be read as a stand alone was at times heart wrenching, I admit I cried a few tears, but at the same time it was uplifting I didn t want it to end I was addicted It s a long time since I ve pulled an all nighter reading, but I did for Julian, and now I m left wondering, what next I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley This is my honest review.

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    Finding Him is such a beautiful love story Rachel made the villian, Julian, in Finding Her, completely relatable in this book It was emotional and heart warming.

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